50 years


Glass for touch displays

# 23:
Glass for touch displays

DATA MODUL has more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial cover glasses. In addition to numerous standard glasses, special designs and even touch displays can be equipped with a glass pane with a maximum thickness of 10mm.

Hybrid bonding

# 22:
Hybrid bonding at DATA MODUL

In 2019, DATA MODUL expanded its in-house bonding portfolio with a new technology: the hybrid bonding process. Hybrid Bonding combines the advantages of the LOCA and OCA processes and is suitable for bonding touch sensors to glass as well as for bonding glass or touch sensors directly to displays.

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Product of the Year Award

# 21:
Innovator of the Year 2021

DATA MODUL received a special award in 2021: the renowned German trade magazine "Elektronik" named DATA MO-DUL's capacitive gesture control the product of the year.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

# 20:
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Automated optical inspection (AOI) is an important part of quality assurance and inspection of goods at DATA MODUL. The cycle time of the AOI is 30s for a 24" glass. During the inspection, a total of 52 Gbit of data is generated per second, which is evaluated fully automatically for existing defects.

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Split-flap display at Singapore airport

# 19:
Split-flap display at Singapore airport

In the mid-90s, DATA MODUL supplied Singapore Airport with a split-flap display and also replaced the existing passenger information system with its self-developed maXcs software in 2002.

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Touch displays sizes

# 18:
Touch displays sizes

DATA MODUL also has an excellent portfolio in the area of touch displays. In addition to a wide variety of touch technologies, DATA MODUL offers touch displays ranging from 1.3" to 55".

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eMotion G2:2

# 17:

DATA MODUL developed its first own TFT scaler card G2:2 SXGA back in 2007.
The new scaler card has since been successfully used in many customer projects and formed the basis of the DATA MODUL eMotion product series.


# 16:

On course for expansion: DATA MODUL's internationalisation began with the founding of DATA MODUL Inc. in Hauppage, New York in 1997. In the following years, the company expanded its global presence by new sites in Europe and Asia.

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Touchless operation

# 15:
Touchless operation

DATA MODUL also offers touchless alternatives to classic touch input via finger or conductive pen: in addition to capacitive or camera-based gesture control, voice control can also be implemented for touchless interaction.

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Climate chamber tests

# 14:
Tests in the climate chamber

In order to ensure perfect functionality even under challenging environmental conditions, DATA MODUL subjects displays to various tests, e.g. in the climate chamber. Products are put through their paces at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +100°C.

Small parts in our shuttle systems

# 13:
Small parts in our shuttle systems

The main production site in Weikersheim (Germany) has a special storage system. In the production shuttles there are over 2 million different production resources and small parts (which ensure smooth production).


# 12:
Customizing Touch

As a leading specialist in the field of modern touch applications, DATA MODUL also offers PCAP solutions that enable operation with up to 10 fingers thanks to multitouch

Total area

# 11:

DATA MODUL has more than 40,000m2 of production, logistics and administration area worldwide. This includes over 21,000m2 at the "Technology Flagship" site in Weikersheim (Germany).

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# 10:

DATA MODUL's self-developed touch displays are based on projected capacitive technology (PCAP). The individual components are ideally matched to each other and are characterised by excellent quality, durability and long-term availability.

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# 9:
DATA MODUL Locations

DATA MODUL is a real "global player": more than 500 employees work on innovative and professional customer projects at more than 20 modern production, logistics and administrative locations worldwide.

All DATA MODUL locations

Bonding processes

# 8:
DATA MODUL competences

As one of the largest and most versatile bonding providers on the European and international display market, DATA MODUL offers in-house OCA, LOCA, Air, Gel and Hybrid bonding.

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Display sizes

# 7:
TFT Displays Portfolio

DATA MODUL has a particularly extensive range of state-of-the-art display technologies - including TFT display sizes from 0.39" to even 110".

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Annual Revenue

# 6:
Stocks DMAG

Constant growth: In 1972, the year the company was founded, DATA MODUL's annual revenue was only DM 36,000. Today, it is over 200 million euros.


# 5:
TÜV certificates DATA MODUL

DATA MODUL has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, the standard for continuous improvement of processes, products and services, since 1994. In the course of time, the standards DIN EN ISO 13485 for the quality management system for the provision of medical products and DIN EN ISO 14001 for requirements for an environmental management system followed.

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Employees worldwide

# 4:

Worldwide collaboration: around 500 employees from over 28 nations work at DATA MODUL worldwide on the visual solutions of today and tomorrow.

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# 3:

The name DATA MODUL comes from the business idea of data processing.
DATA stands for data that must be processed - MODUL stands for the modules that are necessary to record, process and pass on information. In combination, therefore, "DATA MODUL".

First own products

# 2:
Batron passive display

The first own products were developed together with the battery manufacturer Batron. These were small, alphanumeric and graphic LCD modules.

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DATA MODUL in the early years

# 1:
First products of DATA MODUL GmbH

At the beginning of its company history, DATA MODUL was an electromechanical specialist. The first products in the portfolio were electrical components and switches.

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