50 years

Milestones of our history

DATA MODUL celebrates its 50th anniversary

DATA MODUL celebrates its 50th anniversary

We look back with pride on our eventful company history and half a century of experience. As one of the world's leading providers of display and system solutions, we can meet current and future market requirements better than ever.

ISO-certification for site in Lublin

ISO-certification for site in Lublin

In August 2021, the production site in Lublin (Poland) received certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. This qualification means that products and services are regularly adapted to current market and customer requirements and continuously optimised. For DATA MODUL, it also underlines the high importance of quality assurance at the international production sites, in accordance with German quality standards.

Introduction of the gel bonding process

Introduction of the gel bonding process

The introduction of this new process ideally complements DATA MODUL's range of in-house bonding processes. Display and touch unit are bonded by means of a gel pad. This process is particularly suited for bonding displays with thin or no frames.

Opening of production site in China

DATA MODUL China in Shangai

Another milestone in the internationalisation strategy in 2020 was the opening of the location in Shanghai, China, with around 2,500 m2 of space. Asian markets and global production capacities can now also be served efficiently.

Introduction of the hybrid bonding process

Introduction of the hybrid bonding process

In 2019, the range of bonding processes was expanded by the hybrid bonding process. Hybrid bonding combines the advantages of the LOCA and OCA and is suited for bonding touch sensors to glass as well as for bonding glass or touch sensors to displays. A perfect bonding method especially for touch glass display solutions with high volume requirements.

Opening of production site in Poland

Opening of production site in Poland

In Lublin, Poland, DATA MODUL opened a new production and logistics site in 2018 with over 14,000 m2 of space and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods.

Introduction of OCA

Introduction of OCA

After putting several LOCA machines into service, the OCA process was introduced at DATA MODUL in 2016. The OCA process uses an adhesive layer on a touch film carrier to bond the touch sensor to the cover glass using a roll lamination system.

First LOCA bonding machine

first LOCA bonding machine

The LOCA process was the first optical bonding process to be implemented in the production processes in 2012. The LOCA process is used to bond glass/glass or glass/film/film-based PCAP sensors. The LOCA process is now one of the most common and most established technologies and is particularly suited for bonding hard materials such as glass, plastic and TFT panels.

Renaming of CONRAC France

CONRAC France, founded in 2000, was officially renamed DATA MODUL France in 2012.

Introduction of Optical Bonding

Introduction of Optical Bonding

In 2011, DATA MODUL implemented the optical bonding process in its own production processes to ensure the flawless functionality of touch displays. This was one of the most important milestones in DATA MODUL's product and production history.

Performance improvements thanks to mXT224

mXT224 controller

With the introduction of the mXT224 controller in 2009, touch performance was significantly improved. This was the first PCAP controller IC developed specifically for industrial purposes.



In cooperation with Quantum Research in UK, who realised PCAP touch via software, we were able to offer PCAP touch products (first DATA MODUL TOUCH, later easyTOUCH) for the industry as one of the first suppliers in Europe.

Further expansion in Europe

To expand sales activities on the European market, the subsidiaries DATA MODUL Iberia in Madrid, Spain and DATA MODUL Italia near Milan, Italy were founded in 2006.

DATA MODUL Ltd. & TFTs over 40"

First industrial TFTs over 40"

First industrial LCD TFTs over 40"

In the same year, DATA MODUL launched the first industry-standard 46" and 57" LCD/TFT displays. For the first time DATA MODUL had displays of this size in the portfolio that met the industry's requirements regarding durability and efficiency.

Foundation of DATA MODUL Ltd.

With the foundation of DATA MODUL Ltd. in Birmingham in the UK the company expanded further in the European market.

First LCD flat-panel displays at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport

First LCD TFTs at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris

The world's first large-format 40" LCD flat-panel displays were installed by DATA MODUL at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in 2003 – a unique passenger information system for the time.

Take-over of CONRAC GmbH

Acquisition of CONRAC GmbH

The most important milestone was the acqusition of CONRAC GmbH in Weikersheim in 1998. The business model was expanded to the areas display manufacturing and system solutions, which are still central components of DATA MODUL AG's success today.


Acquisition of DATAMEGA

Acquisition of DATAMEGA

In the same year, DATAMEGA was taken over. The Munich-based company specialised in the distribution of printers, cash register systems and monitors and ideally complemented the existing portfolio.

Foundation of DATA MODUL Inc.

The internationalisation of DATA MODUL began in 1997 with the founding of DATA MODUL Inc. in Hauppauge, New York.

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001

TÜV certificates DATA MODUL

In 1994 DATA MODUL was certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. This quality standard stands for the continuous improvement of processes, products and services

Company structure

Company structure

20 years after its foundation, the company structure was reorganised into the areas of displays, system peripherals, electromechanics, crystals and semiconductor sales, thus setting the first course for today's product portfolio.

Conversion into a public limited company

Investor Relations

In November 1988, the company went public and DATA MODUL GmbH became DATA MODUL AG.

Peter Hecktor’s entry

Entry of Peter Hecktor in DATA MODUL

In 1976 Peter Hecktor, who had previously worked with Walter Eichner at the semiconduc-tor company SGS Fairchild Semiconductors, joined DATA MODUL as joint managing director.

Foundation of DATA MODUL GmbH

First products of DATA MODUL GmbH

On 25 July 1972, Walter Eichner founded DATA MODUL with 20,000 marks in start-up capital and the support of brothers Günter and Werner Wolf. At that time, our first products included electrical components and switches.

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