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As a development, production and electronic system distribution expert, DATA MODUL offers a vast portfolio based on a modular building block concept making it possible to meet every distinct market demand and regulation in a flexible manner.

DATA MODUL's market position and the dynamic technical advancement in the areas of digital display, touch, embedded and systems technology demand intense and ongoing commitment in development.

Following this uniform approach, DATA MODUL places its focus on not only classic distribution but also on basic development and device development. When all market trends and perspectives are gathered during basic development and innovative hardware and software solutions are created, device development produces perfectly customized solution results on the basis of those individual client requirements. Product quality is guaranteed by means of professional testing procedures and authorization processes. This allows DATA MODUL to meet the strict requirements of the individual markets and already take the market-specific certifications and standards into account during the development stage. This results in short development cycles and an optimal product transfer into series production.

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DATA MODUL display integrated in a factory machine
Mechanical Engineering

Smart Factory, Io...

Smart Factory, IoT and Industry 4.0 are significant catchwords in the industrial market. DATA MODUL matches this trend of intelligent systems with industry-oriented products. In addition to high quality demands on human-machine interfaces for machine integration, factors like innovation, integration, time-to-market and availability also play an important roll in successful mechanical engineering solutions.

Assembly line representing the robotics industry
Automation & Robotics

Perfectly suited ...

Perfectly suited automation components guarantee smooth production and development processes. DATA MODUL fulfills these system requirements by deploying industrial components which have gone through rigorous testing and specification processes, underlining their exceptional dependability and longevity.

Finger with glove touching a DATA MODUL Medical Display
Medicine & Health Care

DATA MODUL compon...

DATA MODUL components and solutions have long found their way into a multitude of medical devices – from small memories in pixel displays in portable medical devices (wearable technology) to large touch displays in operating rooms. Since the end of 2016, DATA MODUL fulfills an additional specification in the medical sector by becoming certified according to ISO 13485, which requires a comprehensive management system for the design and development of medical products.

Illuminated house representing building technology
Building Technology

Smart Home soluti...

Smart Home solutions increase quality of life, security and energy efficiency. DATA MODUL meets the specific requirements on the utilization of network and remote controlled devices by means of innovative touch technologies, high-quality display components and powerful Embedded systems. DATA MODUL has set the goal to always combine function and design in an appealing way.

Washing machine with integrated DATA MODUL display
White goods & household appliances

Display systems a...

Display systems are more commonly found in intelligent household and industrial devices. The temperature ranges of kitchen appliances and the vibration resistance of large appliances pose the biggest challenges for integrated display, touch and Embedded components. DATA MODUL offers a high-quality product portfolio and develops specific customized solutions based on individual needs.

Hands on a steering wheel representing the automotive industry

The requirements ...

The requirements for portable applications are extreme and multifaceted. Whether its temperature range, vibration resistance or readability under direct sunlight – DATA MODUL solutions specifically developed to meet these requirements aid in the smooth handling of moving machinery and portable devices.

Cruise ship representing the marine industry

DATA MODUL provid...

DATA MODUL provides specific marine solutions in the shipbuilding sector. Innovative and future-proof display, touch, Embedded and system solutions sustain the economical and reliable operation of merchant and naval vessels. An industry-oriented, high-quality portfolio containing products meeting the requirements of long-time availability and service life is available.

Las Vegas sign representing the gaming industry
Digital signage & gaming

Digital signage, ...

Digital signage, infotainment and gaming solutions have one thing in common – they all provide entertainment to the spectator and the user. DATA MODUL stands behind this goal with its perfectly matched hardware and software products. Whether sophisticated gaming hardware on the basis of cutting-edge technology or striking digital signage with software packages – DATA MODUL meets the challenge of these fast-paced requirements using high performance products with outstanding design and exciting and innovative technology.

Train arriving at train station representing the transport industry
Airport & Transportation

CONRAC solutions ...

CONRAC solutions at DATA MODUL stand for high quality passenger information systems and professional signage solutions for applications at airports, train stations and in public transportation. As the single-source supplier and systems integrator, DATA MODUL offers a broad range of market-specific hardware and software solutions – from professional airport solutions to clever and brake dust-protected train displays, all the way to outdoor monitors in public transportation. With over 300 system installations in more than 60 countries, CONRAC products belong to the worldwide leading solutions for passenger information at transport hubs.

Smartwatch with integrated DATA MODUL display
Portable Applications

Wearable electron...

Wearable electronic systems have found a stronghold in professional applications in the most diverse sectors – from miniaturized blood glucose monitors to industrial tablets for utilization in special machinery. DATA MODUL followed this market trend early on with energy-efficient and vibration resistant display and Embedded systems, providing user-friendly operation by means of sophisticated touch technologies.

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