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Our production site in Weikersheim is continually being expanded and optimized. Robotic dispensing systems for applications with strict requirements underline our high production depth. Display and touch components with Embedded systems and housing are fitted and assembled in an 18,000 m² production area. DIN ISO 13485 certified medical solutions can also be produced in series.

Slider Dual Studies


With customers in over 60 countries worldwide, products of thumbnail size to monitor systems weighing up to 500 kilograms, there is no limit to diversity and challenge. DATA MODUL enjoys its good standing with both customers and suppliers thanks to modern warehouse management systems, advanced processes and its well-coordinated warehousing and logistics team.

Slider Dual Studies


Market position and technical advancement in display, touch, Embedded and monitor technology demand intensive effort in the area of development. At the Munich, Deggendorf and Weikersheim sites, DATA MODUL places its focus on basic development, device development, design and construction.

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Information Regarding Dual Studies and Thesis Work

In cooperation with the DHBW Mosbach, DATA MODUL offers an alternative to classic theoretical instruction at a university. If you want to have theoretical instruction and then immediately take your ideas and implement them, a practice-integrated course of study is perfect for you. Dual study courses alternate between theoretical and practical phases and take three years to complete. Experienced DATA MODUL specialists provide you with extensive insight into the different business units.

DATA MODUL is also there during the last phase of your studies to help you with your Bachelor's or Master's thesis. As a well-established company, we provide you with the use of the same cutting-edge tools as the experts and our closely linked DATA MODUL team is there to guide you.

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An apprenticeship is the perfect way to start your professional career. Become a part of the DATA MODUL team – on equal footing.

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Teamwork is paramount at DATA MODUL. Employees are encouraged to speak their minds.

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All information about DATA MODUL: From Management to History and the Business of DATA MODUL.

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