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Employee Testimonials

"DATA MODUL employees work perfectly together..."

Doris Beetz, Business Management graduate, 
Product Manager; Weikersheim

Doris Beetz has been working at DATA MODUL since 1999 and is Product Manager responsible for specific industrial product lines (monitors and system solutions) for various industry sectors. She began her DATA MODUL career as an apprentice in the area of Industrial Management. Since then she has become an expert partner for suppliers and sales colleagues – able to answer all questions concerning her field and the current projects and knows the DATA MODUL product portfolio by heart.  Her position is very diversified and requires close contact and cooperation with all business units. She presents monitors and system solutions on a national and international level at all relevant exhibitions.

Doris Beetz: "Our globalized business world not only demands linguistic and specialist qualifications, but also the ability to think outside the box."

 "I know how extremely important it is in our industry to communicate both internally and externally, and that we can only find optimal solutions when we work closely and constructively with all project members, suppliers, specialist departments and clients in order to successfully complete the projects.

That is why I think targeted, cooperative teamwork is the basis for a successful company. DATA MODUL employees work perfectly together and develop new and innovative products and system solutions based on customer need – sophisticated, future-oriented and customer-focused. In doing so, my job is diversified and complex, presents new challenges and gives me a sense of achievement. It makes me happy that we are constantly growing as a team and company, as well as on an international scale."

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