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Employee Testimonials

"A future-focused company cultivates its employees through motivation, creating challenges and offering perspectives and support. DATA MODUL is thinking about the future worldwide."

Bernhard Steiner
Field Application Engineer;

Bernhard Steiner works at DATA MODUL Inc. on the West Coast of the USA. As a Field Application Engineer/Application Engineer, he acts as the technically adept point of contact between the customer, sales team and the developers. The extensive product portfolio and his attention to detail helps him to always find the optimal technical solution for the customers.

"A future-focused company cultivates its employees positively through motivation, creating challenges and offering perspectives and support. DATA MODUL is thinking about the future worldwide."

The job description and areas of responsibility of an Application Engineer are extremely diverse, requiring the engineer to not only have extensive technical product knowledge but also a deep understanding of its development. His goal is to present perfectly tailored system solutions based on application requirements for our industrial and medical customers. As the point of contact for the customer and the internal engineering teams, he must have very strong communication and moderation skills.

"After two years at the corporate headquarters in Munich, DATA MODUL fulfilled my personal and professional dream by giving me the opportunity to transfer to our subsidiary in the United States (DATA MODUL Inc.) in 2013, where I am able to put my skills to use directly on-site for the customer. Two years after starting out at our main US location in New York, I’m now based out of our West Coast office in Portland, Oregon and primarily responsible for our Embedded Solutions for the North American market.

As an on-site contact, I am the link between the American team and the German parent company, supporting our North American customers directly on-site throughout the USA.

As an Applications Engineer, I support our sales team in all technical areas as well as provide direct customer support from the specification stage all the way to after sales support. Combined with the company's highly technological focus and the continuous commitment of reinvesting into R&D, our product world is particularly exciting and also highly sustainable because of its technological advantages and completeness.

Also, DATA MODUL is an economically strong, future-oriented and steadily growing organization. Another interesting fact about what makes my position so refreshing is the constant development of our in-house production and sales channels, making it crucial for me to rise to the challenge of being always up-to-date. It motivates and inspires me to implement optimal solutions for our customers and to work independently as well as with a successful, strong and international team."

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Beate Junker
Head of Finance & Human Resources

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