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Employee Testimonials

"Teamwork is a key factor at a process-oriented company like DATA MODUL..."

Marco Feidel

As Deputy Warehouse Manager, Marco Feidel shares responsibility in the smooth process flows at DATA MODUL. Together with a logistics team at our location in Weikersheim, he is responsible for warehousing, product production maintenance and timely delivery to our customers.

"Teamwork is a key factor at a process-oriented company like DATA MODUL. Knowing that every single employee contributes to the successful and smooth process implementation requires respect, acceptance and loyalty."

"Over the years, DATA MODUL has justifiably earned its positive image and good reputation. This, as well as the content orientation of the company, was a deciding factor for me in sending in my application as a Warehouse Logistics Specialist at the Weikersheim location. I have been working in our warehouse since 2012 and have been able to steadily gain more expertise. When the new warehouse management system was launched, I received the chance to act as project manager. 


This project helped me gain deep insight into this discipline and I was able to put my experience to the test. After I successfully completed my Mastership Examination at the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, I took over the task of training our apprentices in the warehouse. An apprenticeship at DATA MODUL offers excellent opportunities for young people and we are on the lookout for our colleagues of tomorrow. Training others demands a lot of responsibility and I find it to be very worthwhile and invaluable. In July 2015, I took over the position of Deputy Warehouse Manager. In addition to taking care of the day-to-day warehouse logistics tasks, this position includes varied responsibilities such as personnel and operational planning or software maintenance of the warehouse management system. I am happy in my job because it is never the same and it is also challenging. I also constantly want to broaden my knowledge horizon, gain more experience and embrace new job requirements – that is always possible in our department and also at DATA MODUL. Inter-departmental teamwork at DATA MODUL is consistently positive and loyal. That is as important to me as the praise I or my colleagues receive for a job well-done.

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