Employee Testimonials

"I have met many different types of people with different backgrounds at DATA MODUL..."

Maximilian Heinrich

"My apprenticeship at DATA MODUL offers me various insights into the departments and thanks to the support of my experienced colleagues, I have the chance to prove myself – and that from the very first day."

Maximilian chose the multifaceted and diversified apprenticeship in Industrial Management. As a part of his training at DATA MODUL – which thanks to his previous qualifications and excellent performance, was shortened from three to two years – he is learning how to autonomously complete commercial tasks like planning, execution and controlling. It is exactly as extensive as it sounds. Depending on the task, Industrial Managers are involved in a variety of disciplines: They book business transactions, create quotes and monitor processes. They are well-informed about sales activities and purchasing strategies. They learn about production processes and gain experience in marketing endeavors, project management, customer service and logistics, to name a few. They also learn about business management.

Maximilian sought out DATA MODUL – a globally active company. On the one hand, to utilize his language skills and also to have a outward-looking employer.

Maximilian: "I have met many different types of people with different backgrounds, different positions and from different locations at DATA MODUL. And all of us – even the apprentices – are connected: To be a part of a worldwide and very successful team."

Maximilian will have made considerable strides after the completion of his sound training at DATA MODUL. Professionally, textually and personally. But that is not the end of the story. DATA MODUL offers the best perspectives for a future after an apprenticeship. We support part-time trainings and propose a variety of opportunities to utilize and further expand the knowledge gained.

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Head of Human Resources

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