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Employee Testimonials

"Achieving maximum customer satisfaction is always at the forefront in the sales department"

Martin Schellenberg

Martin Schellenberg has been working in inside sales of the Key Account International Sales Team at DATA MODUL since 2011. Along with his external sales colleagues, he is responsible for key account customers in Switzerland and Austria.

"The sales and product worlds at DATA MODUL are progressing onward but there is a mantra which always holds true: Customer satisfaction is our top priority."

"Every sales employee prefers to work with and offer its clients sophisticated technology who's quality is second to none.

I think that the DATA MODUL product world and its development process is still extremely exciting. I genuinely appreciate the fact that I can really identify with the things that I find important and work with on a daily basis. Familiarizing myself with such a exceptionally vast product portfolio like the one at DATA MODUL was a tough challenge for me. Thanks to my colleagues who were open and willing to pass on the knowledge and were also there to answer any questions I had, I was able to quickly become acquainted with everything. Liasing with all the other specialist departments also contributed to my ability to take care of assignments on my own within a short period of time.

Achieving maximum customer satisfaction is always at the forefront in the sales department. My responsibilities in inside sales include being a competent and technically adept contact for the client and make sure that orders are executed smoothly and delivered on time.  Interaction with the production, logistics and purchasing departments is very important and this is an aspect I also find especially fun. In this way, my job description is quite varied and multifaceted.

The Key Account Team also acts as a point of contact for new sales employees at DATA MODUL international locations during their entire familiarization period – also sometimes on-site.

I think that is really interesting and also rewarding because I am able to come into contact with many different nationalities, utilize my English skills and improve them. That feeling of solidarity in our Key Account Team, as well as in the whole company DATA MODUL is really special. I am respected among my peers because of my personality and my work. This motivates and inspires me over and over again. Sales employees are also offered regular product trainings to always keep the team up-to-date. During our regular sales meetings, we receive vital information about strategies, new business fields and technical developments. To witness how my employer is growing at a responsible rate, has success on the market and involves its employees in that success gives me a good feeling and solidifies my belief that I made the right choice in becoming a part of the DATA MODUL team."

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