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DATA MODUL stocks have been listed on the stock exchange since November 1989. The stock has been quoted on Xetra in the regulated market in Frankfurt (since January 1, 2003 in the Prime Standard trading segment), as well as in the open market in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg und Stuttgart.

Class of Shares: Bearer shares with one of the individual no-par value shares pro-rata amount of the share capital of EUR 3.00 each.

Share Facts

WKN 549890
ISIN DE0005498901
Number of shares 3,526,182
Share capital EUR 10,578,546.00
Authorized capital EUR 5,289,273.00
Freefloat 30.8%
Dividends for 2018 fiscal year EUR 0.12 per individual share entitled to dividends
Registration office and paying agent UniCredit Bank AG, Munich

Analyst Coverage

DATA MODUL is being analyzed by several banks. Opinions, assessments or prognoses of these institutions or their representatives with respect to DATA MODUL or its economic capability are solely ascribed thereto and do not reflect the opinion, assessment or prognosis of DATA MODUL or its management.

Indirect reference by DATA MODUL to analyses implemented by these institutions and their representatives does not reflect a confirmation or endorsement of analysis content by DATA MODUL.

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