Expansion of our e-paper portfolio in 2024

E-paper technology is characterised by its extremely low power consumption and excellent readability, even in direct sunlight. These characteristics make it extremely attractive for a wide range of applications, including battery-powered devices. But the technology continues to evolve and is now focusing more on refining colour rendering and extending the temperature range - two aspects that were not previously among its strengths. 

eINK new products featuring Spectra6 and Kaleido3 technology

The recent announcement by eINK of new products featuring Spectra6 and Kaleido3 technology marks a significant step forward in this evolution. Spectra6 enables the display of crisp and vivid colours on e-paper displays with unprecedented quality. This breakthrough opens up exciting new application areas, particularly in signage and advertising. Products based on Kaleido3 technology boast an extended temperature range from -15°C to 65°C, which greatly expands their application possibilities in various environments and guarantees maximum reliability. 

We look forward to adding a wide range of e-paper displays in diagonals from 13.3" to 55" to our portfolio in 2024. These new products will combine the impressive features of Spectra6 and Kaleido3 and take e-paper technology to a new level. 

Our experienced sales staff will be happy to provide you with detailed information on the product roadmap and the innovative new additions in 2024. We will support you in realising the full potential of e-paper technology. 

Don't hesitate to contact your DATA MODUL sales partner for more information!

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