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Extensive product range

DATA MODUL offers a large selection of Embedded box PCs for professional use in industrial and other areas. The product range spans from compact, fanless boxes all the way to high-performance systems in a variety of interfaces for use in CPU-intensive applications. Solutions from other leading Embedded box PC manufacturers like Avalue, MSI and ASRock are available in addition to the Data Modul in-house developments.

Embedded box PCs are available with the following features and functions:

  • Rugged (IP20 – IP65)
  • Extended temperature range
  • Diverse housing materials (plastic, metal,….)
  • Customized configuration (memory, SSD, OS, interfaces,….)

Also available with certification (i.e. CE, Marine, etc.)

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DATA MODUL Showcases High-Tech Embedded Modules

Based on the current Embedded product strategy, COM Express products in the low power and high end divisions at DATA MODUL are undergoing large-scale expansion.


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