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CONRAC Solutions in the Area of Information Systems

The CONRAC brand stands for high quality passenger information systems and professional signage solutions for applications at airports, train stations and in public transportation.

CONRAC products cover a broad spectrum of market-specific solutions – from professional solutions at airports to clever and brake dust-protected train displays, all the way to outdoor monitors in public transportation.

Flight Information Systems

CONRAC flight information systems (FIS/FIDS) play an integral part at small, medium sized and large airports. The hardware and software solutions are flexible and adaptable to the respective requirements and can also be integrated as a system solution.

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Passenger Information Systems

CONRAC passenger information systems (PIS/PIDS) are used in airports as well as at train stations and in public transportation. The hardware and software solutions are implemented at a variety of transport hubs convincing with their exceptional hardware as well as providing optimized data management software.

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