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Passenger Information System

Real-time information for travelers before vacation or for business people prior to an important business meeting guarantees a positive travel experience. Together with its partners, DATA MODUL continuously strives to ensure that its customers are satisfied.

CONRAC solutions of DATA MODUL AG have been fulfilling the needs and expectations of passengers for more than 35 years.
With installations in more than 60 countries, CONRAC is one of the market leader for FIDS & PIDS and offers not only monitors but also complete system solutions: Hardware, software & training

maXcs® Information System

Reliable, user-friendly and upgradeable – all passenger information under full control for over 30 years
with maXcs®.

intelligent passenger information system for airports, railway stations and public transport systems controls the output of real-time information at all system-integrated display units. Adaptations to existing systems and interfaces are easily possible due to the flexible system structure.

Complex systems are displayed clearly thanks to an integrated user-friendly software suite, and efficient
processing of passenger information is guaranteed. System control, data processing, content generation or
monitoring and control of displays are simplified and tailored to demands of the respective user groups limited by individual
access rights.

The portfolio is rounded off by comprehensive services in the field of training, project management, system expansion and adaptation, as well as for the installation and commissioning of passenger information systems.

System structure

  • Flexible, inexpensive system 
  • Maximum reliability thanks to state of the art system architecture
  • Operation of system-integrated displays and server hardware
  • Efficient system upgrades thanks to flexible structure
  • Numerous interfaces specific to train stations and airports
  • Implementation as a multi-terminal system at airports


  • Passenger information system for airports and railway stations
  • Efficient handling of all passenger information
  • Easy control of integrated display units
  • Regular function upgrades and updates 
  • Remote maintenance & support

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DATA MODUL is certified in accordance with ISO 13485

DATA MODUL from now on offers medical technology customers substantial added value in the development and production of professional control units for medical applications, with its ISO 13485:2012 certification.


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