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Custom Made Solutions

DATA MODUL develops customized system solutions for a multitude of sophisticated applications based on a modular concept. Custom made solutions are limitless thanks to fast Embedded board integration, which upon request, are equipped with dust and waterproof OEM housing made of a variation of materials and a diverse number of touch technologies. Efficient product development is guaranteed through completion of elaborate authorization processes and industry-specific qualifications.

The shortest possible time-to-market is achieved thanks to many years of development experience and industry-specific design options.
Extensive service and support help meet the resource-efficient realization of project goals and deadlines.
In addition to the development and production of OEM solutions, our portfolio includes standard chassis monitors.

Teaser Image Industry / Gaming

Industry / Gaming

DATA MODUL meets high demands on a daily basis by offering precise information depiction as well as system operation simplicity. DATA MODUL delivers reliable display systems in diversified application areas by means of solution-orientated product concepts.

We would be happy to present our modular concept to you:

  • Implementation of high quality industrial TFT panels with diagonals of 4.3" to 65"
  • Fast and simple integration of the controller, ARM or x86 Embedded boards
  • Diverse number of touch technologies, for example PCAP, resistive, capacitive, SAW, IR
  • Extensive selection of application-specific screens
  • Customized metal and plastic housing
Teaser Image Medical Technology

Medical Technology

It is vital for monitors and panel PCs used in the medical field to be reliable and user-friendly, have realistic color production and be easy to clean.  As a leading specialist for development and manufacturing of customized medical displays, DATA MODUL offers a vast array of products and services:

  • Custom made LCD monitors and panel PCs, optionally available with IPS display
  • Exact color depiction and monochrome tones
  • Easy to clean OEM housing concepts
  • Product conformity to Standard IEC60601-1 and DICOM Part 14
  • Extended product lifecycle management
  • Touch screen integration, for example PCAP, resistive, capacitive, SAW
Teaser Image Marine


Harsh environments at high sea and in inland waters call for marine monitors and panel PCs with stable image performance and robust housing. DATA MODUL marine display systems feature product safety, user-friendliness and simple installation.

  • Certified OEM Ship Monitors and panel PCs
  • ARM and X86 based solutions
  • Seawater-resistant housing with IP protection
  • Extended dimming behavior
  • Integration of high brightness TFT panels for improved readability under direct sunlight
  • Touch screen integration, for example PCAP, resistive, capacitive, SAW, IR


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Professional display solutions, also for airport applications

DATA MODUL supplies high-quality industrial monitors and panel PCs, developed and assembled in Germany. All the devices are for industrial use, available starting from small-scale production as entry-level products or for more demanding applications. The panels are designed for harsh ambient conditions indoors and outdoors and for 24/7 operation.

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