42“ Panel PC solution for successfull customer and visitor management

DATA MODUL presents a new smart digital signage system that helps to comply with current hygiene and protection measures for the wholesale and retail sectors, as well as public spaces

“One-stop-shop solution” for management of visitor flows

The screen consists of a 42 in Panel PC with integrated camera and microphone and can also be operated as a “one-stop-shop solution” in conjunction with DATA MODUL’s own Digital Signage Software maXcs®

The maXcs® software is designed for airports, train stations and digital signage systems and controls the output of real-time information for all system-integrated display units.

By the combination of camera, microphone and software, the system is capable of supporting simplified management of visitor flows, for example at entrances. It can also be used to monitor the number of people within a certain area and to manage queues. In this cases, predefined visitor thresholds can ensure that if a certain number of people is either not reached or exceeded, information can be displayed automatically on all monitors (e.g. by using a simple traffic light system, where green means “please enter” and red means “please wait”).

Divers & multifunctional

“Our new digital signage system is suitable for a wide range of applications and makes it considerably easier to properly implement current government regulations. This is especially relevant if one considers that many places resort to very elaborate admission procedures, such as regulating the number of shopping trolleys/baskets or using specifically delegated staff.

The intelligent panel PCs are also suitable for multifunctional use and can be preloaded with classic Digital Signage and POS content when shops are closed. If necessary, they can also function as digital signposts or information terminals.“ says Kevin Schmidt, Product Manager System & Signage Solutions at DATA MODUL.

Outstanding results in fire behaviour tests

The new 42” digital signage solution is part of the Narrow Bezel Protected Series from DATA MODUL. This series has a reputation not only for its robust, slender and visually appealing design, but also for its outstanding results in fire behaviour tests (A2-s1,d0). Consequently, in many application scenarios, there will be no further need for any additional fire protection housing.

All Monitors and Panel PCs in the series also feature IP40 protection on the front, which protects against penetration by parts with a diameter greater than 1mm. The combination of both these protection classes therefore makes this an interesting proposition for use in areas where implementation for any rescue or evacuation measures is required. For example, people can be steered safely away from critical environments with the help of visual guidance systems.

All Highlights at a glance:

  • Combination of Panel PC with integrated camera, microphone and software 
  • Intelligent information system for controlling visitor flows
  • Narrow Bezel Protected Series does not require an additional fire protection casing
  • Front side with IP40 protection
  • Extremely robust, slim and therefore also visually appealing
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