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Teaser picture news "Resistive Touch Panels Remain in the Portfolio"
19.07.2018 10:43

Resistive touch panels remain in the portfolio

Japanese touch panel manufacturer DMC is going to continue with the production of resistive touch panels in the future.

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Teaser picture news "DATA MODUL expands bonding expertise"
07.06.2018 15:41

DATA MODUL expands bonding expertise

Alongside previous bonding technologies such as AirGap, LOCA and OCA, DATA MODUL AG is now implementing the fourth process at the production location in Weikersheim: gel bonding.

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Teaser picture News "Ortus 7" TFT Display"
15.05.2018 08:00

7" TFT on an automotive level for portable, mobile outdoor use

At Ortustech, it’s not just the TFT portfolio which is continuing to grow, but the panels themselves which are also growing in size.

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Teaserbild 1st quarter 2018
09.05.2018 08:28

DATA MODUL gaining momentum after a slow start to 2018

DATA MODUL started out the year somewhat modestly but business accelerated in the course of the first quarter.

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DATA MODUL – Highlights at ISE 2018
23.01.2018 12:39

DATA MODUL – Highlights at Integrated Systems Europe 2018

At the Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam DATA MODUL the European market leader for industrial visual solutions will be showing a representative cross-section of its display and monitor solutions.

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