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DATA MODUL Expands the CONRAC Product Portfolio with an 86” Stretched Panel for Airports

DATA MODUL is expanding its portfolio of CONRAC displays and monitors with an 86”, ultra-stretched UHD TFT LCD display from LG for applications in airports and train stations. In addition, starting immediately, it is offering a chassis solution with controlling displays and additional, individual solutions. DATA MODUL will present this world novelty for the first time at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam.

The base of the display, in portrait or landscape format, is available with two levels of brightness:
LD860DB-UJA1, with 500 nits, and LD860DB-UJA2, with 700 nits, and has only been on the market for a short time. As a premium distributor, the Munich-based display specialist DATA MODUL has had access to the first units, uses them for customer-oriented optimization, and has developed a CONRAC chassis version from the TFT LCD display in-house, which is available as a prototype as of now. From the airport, railway, and digital signage sectors, there is an immense need for high-resolution panels in unusual sizes, with brilliant color depth and unrestricted legibility.

The solution offered by DATA MODUL can be installed in a number of ways and is suitable for integration in stelae and existing housings. Due to its special dimensions, this model has also been designed for applications in narrow passageways / with limited construction space, next to or above doors, at bus or train stops. Used in POS, POI and transportations (train stations, public transportation, airports) and conceptualized for applications with wide-ranging and / or changing content, images, and language, the 86” open frame monitor conforms exactly to the needs of its specific customers.

They are looking for the perfect panel solution in order to be able to always guarantee operation under a full load, even in special environmental conditions like extreme temperatures and difficult, changing lighting conditions.

DATA MODUL also offers corresponding, user-oriented added values to accompany the TFT LCD display. For example, interfacing the TFT panel with the UHD LCD controller board of the in-house developed eMotion series. The latest TFT displays with UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz) and a color depth of 24 bits / 30 bits (1.07 billion colors) can be controlled with this eMotion UHD. The high-resolution stretched TFT display being no exception with its V-BY-One interface. The eMotion UHD from DATA MODUL also offers eight lanes eDP . Multiple inputs are available for the LCD controller board’s signal sources. Two separate display ports (DP 1.2) and an HDMI (1.4) input are integrated, in addition to the established DVI (dual link) input. All known standard features from the eMotion board series, like dimming (analog and PWM), as well as DDC / CI support, an OSD keyboard, or an IR remote, as well as 12- and 24-volt power supplies are supported.


Project-based, individual, complete monitors with housing with different specifications (such as IP protection classes), based on LG displays, can be realized and it is possible to integrate embedded solutions. Then, the monitor becomes an individual panel PC. That is how, for example, waterproof and dust-proof sealing of the entire unit, in accordance with IP65, or the avoidance of fans and filters makes maintenance-free operation conceivable.
Several individual design possibilities opens up many new possibilities to transportation and digital signage customers.

Technical Data

Outline dimensions W/H/D 348.5 mm / 2158.3 mm / 38.3
Active screen dimension 85.6 inches, 2174.5 mm
Resolution (Pixel) 3840 x 600
Brightness 500 or 700 cd/m2
Contrast ratio 1100:1
Colour performance 1.07 billion
Viewing angle Viewing angle free 178 LRUD
Backlight & LED Life time LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours
Connections 10-bit, eight-lane V-BY-One
Housing Open Frame housing
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C



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