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27” and 32” LCD displays with UHD for industry

DATA MODUL already presented the first 27” TFT industrial display with UHD resolution from AUO, in line with the increasing demand for professional LCD displays with ever increasing resolution, at electronica 2016. Now the first 32” UHD LCD display is available for sampling with immediate effect. With a color spectrum of 95% NTSC, both 8 bit + Hi FRC* panels are ultra true color and are thus ideally suited to medical applications, among others.

In comparison with previous models, the UHD panels, with a resolution of 3840x2160 instead of 1920x1080 pixels, a brightness of 800 cd/m² and an enhanced NTSC color spectrum of more than 90%, offer even more excellent image quality. The display was developed by AUO, the world’s largest producer of LCD flatscreens, predominantly for applications in the medical sector (OR/intensive care). As a long-standing and large distributor of AUO displays for industrial LCDs, DATA MODUL offers the 27” TFT display in series production with immediate effect.

With *Frame Rate Control (FRC), missing colors are dynamically generated through rapid toggling of the pixels between two color values. As a result, liquid crystal screens are able to display more shades than a TN (twisted nematic) panel actually permits. With the TN technology, the color depth is normally 6 Bit, 64 shades per color. In order to improve this color resolution, the FRC method works with dithering and interpolates the colors of adjacent pixels to create a color value which lies between them.
For example, 253 shades can be achieved on a TN panel with 6 Bit per channel, without FRC that would, in this case, be 26, i.e. 64, shades. But rapidly switching between two color values, the intermediate color value is simulated, as it were.


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