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TFT custom sizes for design products


BATRON, the DATA MODUL brand for high-quality graphics and alphanumeric passive and active LCD displays for special applications, is cooperating with designers from Iltis&Wiesel (I&W) on "Design Visual Solutions" for the automotive sector. BATRON is supplying user-friendly panels designed for installation in products including white goods and audio, events and conference systems. The latest 11" TFT display was now integrated in portrait format for automotive showrooms from I&W.

I&W develops, produces and supplies custom electronic design products for everyday applications. The BATRON 11" ultra-stretched BTFT1280120C-01 is fitted in a frame, operates with Android 5.1 and its custom format 32:3 has a resolution of 1280 x 120. The display has a field of view of 282.32 x 29.00 mm. The luminance of 750 cd/m² and a viewing angle range of 60/80/80/80 ensure the clearest possible display. The aspect ratio of the panel corresponds to a rack unit, so the panel is ideal for installation in racks. Other possible applications: server racks, audioconferencing, sound and events systems (see images enclosed), telecommunications, radio systems, and measuring equipment.

Take a look at the application at I&W:

Technical data
Outer dimensions W/H 288.92 mm / 38.60 mm
Dimensions of active screen 280.32 mm / 27.00 mm
Resolution (pixels/format) 1280 x 120 / 32:3
Luminance 750 cd/m2
Contrast ratio 750:1
Depth of color 16,7 million
Viewing angle 60/80/80/80
Backlight LED with lifetime of 30,000h
Connections Digital RGB 18-bit
Housing Open frame housing
Operating temperature -10°C to +60°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C


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