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Curved 43" TFT display for industrial applications


As the exclusive distributor in Europe, DATA MODUL is now offering an extremely curved 43” industrial TFT display with UHD resolution (3840x2160) by the Korean display manufacturer NEWOPTICS, DATA MODUL’s supplier for special display formats. The panel has a very small radius of curvature of 1,500 mm, which gives the viewer the impression of being surrounded by the screen. The curvature provides a wider field of view and is better adjusted to the natural human mode of vision. The curvature intensifies the visual experience and is at the same time more gentle on the eyes. An IPS cell, the thickness of which was reduced in etching processes, adds to the extraordinary image performance. Landscape and portrait display formats are both possible. The screen is particularly suited for gaming but also for medical applications and point of sale solutions.

The panel is supplied by the manufacturer with PCAP Touch (NU430EQN-SAFC1) or without (ND430EQN-SAFC1) and is additionally equipped with a 4 mm anti-glare front glass and other features by DATA MODUL on request. It uses a V-by-One interface which can e. g. optionally be controlled via DATA MODUL’s eMotion UHD controller card. Two types of interface connections were installed: a 51-pin connection for the module and electronics and a 14-pin connection for the integrated backlight system.
In addition to LCD controller boards, DATA MODUL also offers any technically feasible application adjustments, even integration of the panel in a housing and extension to realize a monitor or panel PC solution.

Technical data:  
Active display diagonal: 42.51 inch (1,079.86 mm)
Outline dimensions:
- with PCAP:

1005.2 (H) mm x 637.0 (V) mm x 122.2 (D) mm ※  edge to edge
- without PCAP: 999.2 (H) mm x 631.0 (V) mm x 110.9 (D) mm ※  edge to edge
Pixel pitch: 0.2441 mm x 0.2491 mm
Color depth: 10 Bit (D), 1.07 trillion colors
Luminance, white: 450 cd/m2 (center 1 point, typ.)
Viewing angle (CR> 10) free viewing angle (R / L 178 (min.), U / D 178 (min.)
Energy consumption: total 73.12W
Logic: 6.12W
LED driver: 66W (ExtVbr_B = 100%)
TSM: 1W (max)
Weight: 21kg (max) with touch screen module
Surface treatment: hard coating (3H), anti-reflection coating of the front polariser ※ LCM

The panel is now available exclusively from DATA MODUL.


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