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DATA MODUL: Everything about embedded


At the embedded world from 26th to 28th of February 2019, DATA MODUL AG will present the whole portfolio of their current and future embedded solutions. The leading display distributor and developer of PCAP touch and embedded systems provides components- and comprehensive embedded solutions. DATA MODUL brings to Nuremberg its wide range of displays, in-house developed embedded components and the core competence field of display optimization.

DATA MODUL at embedded world 2019

  • eMotion NT2:3 and NT1:3: continuation of a success story
  • eMotion UHD II – cost efficient UHD & HDR integration
  • Energy saving: tri-color 12.2“ ePaper
  • Wireless transmission of image content
  • Smart-Scaler - WLAN & Bluetooth OSD extension module
  • COM Express modules – based on Intel Coffee Lake and Apollo Lake platform
  • Hybrid display control: touch and gesture control
  • Current touch encoder with up to 32 positions
  • 7.0“ TFT with Blanview technology: both sunlight readable and energy saving
  • Alligator: 43“ digital signage monitor stand for POI / POS
  • 31.5“ high brightness monitor for outdoor applications
  • 21.5“ Panel PC with integrated camera for face recognition
  • 12.1“ Panel PC / Baytrail low power and high-performance solution
  • PCAP touch extensions - haptic, force and gesture control
  • Transparent and flexible passive-matrix OLEDs
  • Optical bonding procedures depicted in a model


All embedded competence fields are state-of-the-art

DATA MODUL presents a wide range of ARM and x86 based embedded solutions in all form factors and performance classes: from the computer-on-module itself to a pre-configured kit, consisting of embedded board, display, adjusted cable set and specific OS image. Within a very short time the development team is able to realize customer-specific baseboards or operating units with integrated CPU board, display and touch screen solutions. Their own developed “eMotion” LCD controller boards and display control kits cover the complete range of embedded visual solutions and can also be seen in Nuremberg.

DATA MODUL increases its commitment in the field of embedded computing and expands its modular embedded PC solutions portfolio. The growing demand in the market also plays a decisive role. The in-house developed products enable DATA MODUL to define own standards and to implement individual, customer-oriented embedded solutions flexibly and promptly.

At the embedded world, DATA MODUL will be showing the i.MX6 CPU based eDM-SBC-i.MX6-PPC board, with which extremely slim Panel PC solutions can be realized. The portfolio of the eMotion series includes LCD controller boards and display control kits as well as latest UHD II, NT2:3 and NT1:3. It covers the complete requirements of embedded solutions and was developed especially for the industrial sector. In addition, DATA MODUL will present various COM Express modules based on current Intel Apollo Lake and Coffee Lake platforms. Panel PCs with integrated X86 or ARM-based embedded boards represent DATA MODUL’s capabilities in the implementation of all industrial requirements into a complete system.
With the Touch Solutions DATA MODUL puts the focus on (potential) further developments of the PCAP Invention easyTOUCH and easyTOUCH Plus and shows an application, in which both haptic and gesture control are combined. Another highlight will be the PCAP development ForceTouch and touch displays of the DATA MODUL brand easyTOUCH Display. The Active Stylus (pen) which can operate and mark a 27" high-resolution screen, was already a public favorite at electronica and can also be experienced at embedded world. The bonding specialist will also show a demonstration model of current bonding technologies (Air, LOCA, OCA; GEL) to provide visitors a better understanding of all in-house procedures vividly.

Rugged and intuitive

Touch encoders of the latest generation combine the functionality of touch displays, keyboards and rotary switches. At the embedded world DATA MODUL will show a selection of user-friendly, intuitive Grayhill encoders. With up to 32 positions, a high-resolution touch screen (320 x 300) these encoders have the capability to store hundreds of screens with 32 MB of storage space via PNG, JPEG and other formats.
The small devices are perfectly suited for robotics, automation, automotive and medical. The encoders are sealed to IP67 and are very robust against external influences and chemicals.
Another highlight is the extremely rugged 7" touch panel from the 3D70 series by Grayhill. The CAN-based touch display can be operated with/without glove even when the surface is wet. It was specially designed for harsh environmental conditions and is best used, e.g. in off-road vehicles. Easy to install custom graphic icons, text boxes and active gauges that are able to monitor the CAN bus. The device has a scratch-proved, glare-free cover glass and can be used in landscape- or portrait-format. Further information will be provided at the DATA MODUL booth.

Display portfolio – comprehensive selection for embedded visual solutions

At the embedded world, DATA MODUL AG will demonstrate its competencies in the area of ​​displays and presents an impressive range of different sizes, shapes and technologies: from a small 1.5" with 152x152 pixel resolution for wearables and mobile devices over common sizes for industrial applications, such as HMI (10.1" WXGA, 15.6" FHD, 23.8" FHD, 31.5" UHD (3840x2160) up to the 48" stretched TFT panel. In addition to the popular 4:3 and 16:9 formats also small, round displays as well as bar-type / stretched displays in different sizes can be seen, ranging from 2.9" (320x120) up to 48". A highlight is a 23.1" with 1920x158 pixels, which can be addressed via Wifi. It is particularly suitable for digital signage and electronic shelf labeling.
Also, energy-saving technologies are in high demand in embedded systems. According this DATA MODUL shows both MIP (Memory-in-Pixel) panels, from the round 1.3" to the rectangular 4.4" and representative exhibits of ePaper technology, from 1.44" to 12.2", two- and new tri-color. Both technologies are ideal for use cases that require minimal power consumption, like battery-powered applications. For applications that need to be well readable even in bright sunlight, the presented TFTs - ranging from 4.8" (720 x 1280) to 7" (720 x 1280) - with Blanview technology fit perfectly. DATA MODUL will also exhibit future visions in industrial applications with transparent and flexible passive-matrix OLEDs.

In the field of monitors and Panel PCs, a wide range of small diagonals (7") up to large format screens, also in stretched format (48") can be seen. Current monitor developments and solutions regarding Internet of Things focus on maintenance: via WLAN or LAN, all data can be requested remotely. In addition, DATA MODUL will show solutions with integrated barcode scanner and camera. Features such as face recognition with age estimation and gender determination and other possible approaches for the practice will also be presented.

Embedded and Visual Solutions at DATA MODUL, Hall 1, Stand 1-234


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