DATA MODUL at embedded world 2020

DATA MODUL AG will be presenting its latest innovations from the four core fields at embedded world 2020, which takes place from 25-27 February at the exhibition grounds in Nuremberg: Display, Touch, Embedded and Systems. Besides latest display and embedded solutions, which includes a prototype of the new eDM-SBC-iMX8Mmini board, DATA MODUL will demonstrate its know-how in matters of touch technology in the form of a PCAP touch screen under salt water influence. The innovative and unique hybrid bonding process will also be presented as a complement to the touch expert's existing bonding methods. The new hybrid bonding process will also be presented as a complement to the touch expert's existing bonding methods. These and other highlights can be experienced by visitors to this year's Embedded World at the booth of DATA MODUL in Hall 1, Boothnumber 1-234. You can find an overview of all exhibition highlights as well as a detailed description of them below.

DATA MODUL at embedded world 2020

  • COM Express Basic Type 6 Module– Intel® Core™ i3/i7 and Xeon®
    9th Generation processors
  • iMX8Mmini-SBC – Flexible Panel & Monitor Interface supports entire bandwidth on graphic interfaces
  • 15.6” 3D Monitor – Equipped with integrated tracking system & separate image processing unit
  • 10.2” TFT – Rugged+ Display with inCell Touch technology
  • PCAP salt water demo – 10.1” PCAP operation under the influence of salt water
  • Customer terminal 2.0 - Combines all core competences and makes customer-specific options clear
  • Hybrid bonding procedure as new bonding method

Embedded competence: From own components to modular PC solutions

DATA MODUL has a large selection of ARM and x86-based embedded solutions in all form factors and performance classes. The portfolio ranges from individual computer on modules to pre-configured kit, made up of embedded board, display, adjusted cable set and specific operating system. The Munich company's development team development team realise customer-specific base boards or operating units with integrated CPU board, display and touch screen in the shortest time. The internally developed  LCD controller boards and display control kit of the eMotion series cover the entire bandwidth of embedded solutions and can also be seen at the trade fair.

DATA MODUL is further strengthening its commitment in the field of embedded computing and is expanding its offer of modular embedded PC solutions. Thanks to its internally developed components, DATA MODUL has the option to define its own standards and to implement customised, customer-oriented embedded solutions flexibly and promptly.

DATA MODUL will be presenting three different embedded solutions as product highlights at embedded world. The first product is the eDM-COMB-CR6 Board, the latest COM Express Basic Type 6 Module with Intel® Core™ i3/i7 and Xeon® 9th Generation processors. With the new CPUs, the board offers more processing power with consistent power dissipation. DATA MODUL will be introducing the prototype of the eDM-SBC-iMX8Mmini Board as something completely new at the trade fair. Through a flexible panel (Dual Channel LVDS / RGB / eDP / MIPI DSI) and monitor interface (HDMI / DP / DVI), the eDM-SBC-iMX8Mmini makes it possible to offer the entire bandwidth of graphic interfaces via a mezzanine module.

Slimmer and lighter: Slim TFT thanks to InCell Touch

This year too at embedded world, DATA MODUL AG will demonstrate its competence in the field of displays and will present an industrial display module with InCell Touch. With this technology, the touch sensor is already integrated into the LCD unit. By eliminating the external sensor, the entire module becomes significantly slimmer and lighter. In addition, the optical performance is increased thanks to there being fewer reflections on the surface.

The 10.2” TFT shown has a brightness of 800 cd/m² with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It is highly resistant to knocks or vibrations and can be operated without any problems in a very broad temperature region of -30°C to +85 °C. It is therefore particularly well suited for use as a touch display in slim designs and for applications with complicated to extreme conditions.

PCAP Demo: Panel can still be operated despite intrusion of salt water

In the field of Touch Solutions, this year DATA MODUL is presenting a 10.1” PCAP demo that can be operated even under the influence of a highly conductive liquid (saltwater). Fault triggers resulting from moisture on the sensors can be enormously damaging to the operation of industrial plants or in extreme cases can lead to failures. To counteract such situations, DATA MODUL always uses the latest chip generations for the controllers, such as MICROCHIP or ILITEK, which make the panel safely operable despite water getting in. But highly conductive, saline liquids or alcoholic solutions like disinfectant still pose a problem for many touch solutions.

The sensors are always being improved through constant further developments and are now made up of a combination of the measurement methods “Mutual Capacitive” and “Self Capacitive Sensing”. While the “Mutual Capacitive” method has proven itself for multi-touch solutions, the “Self Capacitive Sensing” method is suitable for detecting water. Both methods complement one another perfectly and allow for an ideal touch experience, even when water gets in. Besides combining and improving the sensors, the signal processing algorithms were also optimised and in this way evolved liquid detection and operation on the screen.

The new control element allows the perfect operation of a panel, even under the influence of highly conductive liquids and is therefore suitable for use in the medical sector, for marine applications, but also generally for outdoor applications.

Innovation and competence in system solutions

In the field of Systems, at embedded world DATA MODUL will present the 15.6” 3D monitor SF3D-156MP with separate image processing, which offers the user freedom of movement in all directions using an integrated tracking system. It also features good 3D image quality and high resolution.

As a second system highlight, DATA MODUL will display the customer terminal 2.0 at the trade fair, which combines all core competencies from the European market leader’s product range of industrial displays and systems while at the same time demonstrating the company’s ability to satisfy specific customer wishes. Besides components from the field of Display, Touch, Embedded and Systems, additional special features like camera, RFID, proximity sensors as well as a barcode scanner are integrated. Another special feature of the customer terminal 2.0: It uses a board with Intel® Core™ processor of the 8th Generation, also known by the code name “Whiskey Lake”.



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