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DATA MODUL Expands Offer on LCD Controller Boards

The First Industrial Scaler Cards with Type C USB Input

DATA MODUL records high visitor attendance at electronica 2016 and reinforces its restructuring from display distributor to technology leader and comprehensive solution provider. The large-scale expansion of the Embedded product line with in-house developed computer on modules, single board computers and carrier boards attracted widespread attention at the leading trade exhibition. The DATA MODUL eMotion LCD controller boards that function like scaler boards were a hit with the crowd. These components reflect current trends like the industrial client need for higher resolutions (UHD and 4K) and make the connection of TFT displays to all conventional graphic and video interfaces possible. Scaler card delivery includes the appropriate cables, inverter/converter and customized firmware for the respective TFT. Long-term availability, product stability and quality remain top priority.

Consumer Market Provides Mold

Novel developments in consumer devices pioneer most current trends in the display market. Technological innovations in this division also increase demand in the professional division. Thanks to their many advantages, the trend for high definition TFT displays are used in various industries like automation and also increasingly in medical technology. DATA MODUL anticipates the newest trends and offers multiple value-added industrial solutions like the controller board series called eMotion.

For example, state-of-the art TFT displays with UHD resolution (maximum 3840 x 2160 @60 Hz) and a color depth of 24 bit/30 bit (1.07 billion colors) can be controlled using eMotion.

New, high definition TFT displays are not only controlled using LVDS, but often have two different interfaces: V-by-One and eDP (Embedded DisplayPort). Since it has not yet been determined which interface will prevail, DATA MODUL eMotion UHD offers both interfaces: Each has eight V-by-One lanes and eight eDP lanes. There are various inputs available for the signal source. In addition to the DVI (dual link) input, two separate display ports (DP 1.2) and an HDMI (1.4) input are available. A 12 VDC and 24 VDC power supply are available and all known standard features of the eMotion Series, like dimming (analog and PWM) as well as DDC/CI support, OSD keyboard or IR remote are also supported.

Reduced for the Maximum

A surging demand in Embedded applications give way to monitor solutions with few interfaces and simplified operation with the goal of a one-cable solution. This means: All interfaces are bundled into one cable.
The advantages are clearly cost-based on the one hand because cable costs are considerably smaller thanks to the use of only one standard cable for display, touch, audio and power supply.  Attention to design also plays a role: The miniaturized plug allows for more compact and flat device designs, making appropriate installation variants possible.
A new transmission interface, defined since the end of 2014 as a VESA standard, was created using a type C USB connector making transmission of display port signals via alternate mode and power supply via a single type C USB standard cable possible.

The consumer market was also the trendsetter in this respect, just as it was in regards to higher resolution. Terminals with the new type C USB interface with alternate mode are already available.

As the leading provider in the visual solutions division, DATA MODUL adapts this innovative solution to industrial applications using the new controller board eMotion USB.

Technical Details, Characteristics and Features of the eMotion USB

A type C USB socket is available as signal source. Using this socket, display port signals in alternate mode and the power profile are provided according to the USB power delivery specification. 3A at 12 VDC (36 watts) are supplied in the basic version. If the signal source is adequately fitted, higher performances of up to maximum 3A at 20 VDC (60 watts) can also be supplied using USB power delivery (USB-PD). This specification includes a protocol which stipulates how electronically labeled cables – EMCA (cables with integrated chip) are negotiated and how much electricity a cable is allowed to supply. This means that the source provides the consumer with information regarding the possible voltage and current values. The consumer chooses the appropriate values and requests these from the source. Only then will the source switch the voltage to the corresponding pins. Generally, sources may also provide values other than those listed in the USB-PD specification, however there is a cap at maximum 5 amps at 20 volts (which is 100 watts maximum).

eMotion USB Offers Additional USB 2.0 Interfaces

TFT displays with resolutions up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) can be controlled internally using the dual channel LVDS interface. The audio output offers ports for two external speakers making stereo output possible.

In order to take full advantage of the feature range of a detached monitor solution, both output and input are needed in order to transform these into an input unit.

To this end, there is an external USB 2.0 interface to connect a keyboard or mouse. An additional USB 2.0 interface is available for internal connection to a touch controller. DATA MODUL makes cost-effective connection of easyTouch products possible using chip on tail. The eMotion USB was realized using compact measurements: 80 mm (L) x 100 mm (B) x 10 mm (H) in order to also be able to generate an undersized installation space using the small plugs and sockets. If you missed these products at electronica, you can make up for it, at the latest in March, by showing up at embedded world.



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