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DATA MODUL gaining momentum after a slow start to 2018

  • New orders up 7.5% to 69.2 million euros
  • Revenue even with the previous year at 57.5 million euros
  • EBIT of 4.0 million euros after negative currency effects and higher personnel expenses
  • EBIT margin of 7.0% within the target corridor

DATA MODUL started out the year somewhat modestly but business accelerated in the course of the first quarter. The record first-quarter profit in 2017, which resulted from one-time items, was not reached, but revenue stabilized at the previous year’s strong level in line with expectations. New orders rose handsomely as well, up 7.5% from 64.4 million euros in the previous year to 69.2 million euros.

EBIT declined versus the previous year's record Q1 result on negative currency effects and higher personnel expenses, but exceeded the mark for the last three quarters at 4.0 million euros. EBIT margin was thus within the company’s target range at 7.0% (previous year: 9.5%). Following an excellent book-to-bill ratio of 1.2, order backlog rose 9.2% to 118.5 million euros (previous year: 108.5 million euros).

Group Key Figures

in kEUR Q1 2018 Q1 2017 Change
Revenue 57,487 58,039 -1.0%
Orders received 69,157 64,350 7.5%
Order backlog 118,474 108,525 9.2%
EBIT 4,003 5,507 -27.3%
EBIT margin 7.0% 9.5% -26.3%
Net profit for the period 2,845 3,685 -22.8%
Earnings per share (in euros) 0.81 1.05 -22.9%



Favorable economic conditions and continuing systematic execution on our strategy program make us confident that the full fiscal year will be a successful one. The momentum regained in the first quarter is expected to remain steady throughout the year, as we will be laying the groundwork for further growth through forward-looking staffing policies and by making investments in our future. In view of good order flow, the Executive Board anticipates that the company will gain further momentum to record solid results for the full year 2018.


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