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DATA MODUL installs new assembly line in Weikersheim


A new ESD model assembly line, which further improves the ergonomic aspects, flexibility requirements and quality assurance, was recently put into operation at the DATA MODUL Weikersheim production site.
In this modern assembly process, panel PCs and monitors with touchscreens, from 22” to 26”, are manufactured alongside the material. The height of the modular benches can be adjusted electronically and can thus be adjusted to ergonomically suit the employees working at the workstations. Assembly itself is done using a “one piece flow procedure”: The devices to be assembled do not need to be lifted or carried, but rather are rolled down the entire line by means of a device carrier.

A clean room class 5 flow box has been integrated into the assembly line. As a result, it was possible to integrate a workstation with clean room features into the assembly line. Above all, this means that DATA MODUL's area of expertise, airgap bonding (bonding of the touch surface and display module) can be done particle-free. Digital, electronically controlled assembly instructions are even installed at each individual assembly station.

In order to reduce search times, boxes and shelves have been arranged analogously to the assembly instructions so that savings are even made on searching for parts. The line itself can be used flexible, converted, and for multiple series.  Time-consuming walking routes are no longer needed, reaching distances are reduced.
In particular, production of high volumes is done on the newly established lines. They offer the greatest possible flexibility in the processing time since up to 5 employees can be used for assembly as required.

As a result, Weikersheim creates an optimal assembly process using coordinated production planning before the beginning of series production and thus significantly eases the burden on the employees. Redundant paths are shortened or eliminated entirely, learning times are effectively bundled, and the employees’ physical health is put first with ergonomic work equipment. Reduced assembly and processing times can thus be realized, the error rate can be reduced to a minimum through clear workplace design, and the quality can be sustainably safeguarded. The assembly line is a custom product for DATA MODUL. Tour upon request.


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