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Demanding Panel PC solutions for the healthcare sector

Munich, 06/11/2016

DATA MODUL is a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of customized medical display systems.

Exact color reproduction, secure and user-friendly operation as well as easy cleaning are essential key factors to be fulfilled by Panel PCs and monitors in medical environments.

The use of superior industrial color and monochrome TFT panels ensures reliable image performance. DATA MODUL’s seamless plastics and aluminum housings avoid dust and dirt accumulations and assure compliance with the latest hygienic standards. All medical Panel PCs meet EMI shielding regulations and are compliant with the standards IEC60601-1, DICOM Part 14 and IEC6868-157.

With DATA MODUL’s projected capacitive (PCAP) solution easyTOUCH the standard touch portfolio will be expanded according to the requirements and trends of leading TFT manufacturers. The sensors are characterized by a narrow bezel design especially in the area of the track routing. Even with the sensor’s high resolution, which affects a good multi-touch functionality, the PCAP is not much larger than the outline dimensions of the TFT.

As partner of ATMEL®, easyTOUCH is using the latest generation of Atmel®maXTouch® controller series. The newest T-generation works with glove and under water operation, which guarantees a safe input for the medical customer. In order to protect the end-use application from outside influences, it is recommended to bond a custom protection glass in front of the TFT/touch unit. With the advanced in-house liquid optical bonding technology there are almost no limits in thickness, material or outlines of the cover material. Depending on the application the touch performance can be adjusted to the customer requirements.


Due to increasing technical requirements and the demand of customized panel PC solutions, DATA MODUL broadened its offering by tailored ARM/x86 embedded baseboard designs. To meet the extensive medical product specifications, various formats and functions, e.g. versions with isolated COM and LAN ports, security settings and extended temperature management can be featured. During baseboard design phase, stable operation in different medical applications can be considered to create an OEM embedded platform for the customer. Consequently, DATA MODUL is in the position to guarantee long-time availability.

Also new in DATA MODUL’s product portfolio – in-house designed COM Modules (Computer-on-Module). COM Express is an international recognized form factor standard covering single-core-designs up to high performance multi-core solutions. Most importantly, a variety of processor generations in several performance classes has been designed according the standard and successfully integrated. The combination of embedded baseboard and COM Express enables DATA MODUL to provide custom fit performance for new solutions and upgrades of existing systems while reducing the investment of time and money to a minimum. Of course, further costs saving issues are Intel’s advantageous 14nm processors for significantly less power consumption, high performance and extended product life cycle. Special functions can be implemented on BIOS level with board controller functions. The integrated connectors offer reliable high speed performance as well as electrical and mechanical shielding preventing from negative impact by shock and vibration in mobile applications. Stable and secure imaging performance, broad scalability, exchangeability and short time to market are benefits, the healthcare sector essentially requires.


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