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DATA MODUL is expanding its e-Paper portfolio by larger formats for even greater design possibilities

The interest in ePaper displays and their potential for device and product developers is substantially increasing in the industry. Technological developments such as the increase in the number of colours or even higher contrast make this technology attractive for challenging applications such as medical or for portable measurement instruments. Additionally the integration into low-power environments, reducing energy costs, and higher cost-efficiency requirements are becoming increasingly important. Even the persistent trend to minimise paper consumption as much as possible accelerates the spread of this technology. ePaper is therefore a veritable answer to all these demands for electronics developers
DATA MODUL now offers tailor-made solutions with its expanded ePaper portfolio. Display sizes of 1.5" up to 40" are now available. 

Information on the method of operation:
A razor-thin foil is attached to a TFT substrate.  This foil consists of a multitude of microscopically small capsules. The capsules contain a fluid in which different colour particles in the colours black, white, and optionally red and even yellow  "swim". The differently-coloured particles each have a different electrical potential so that they can be moved by means of an electric field applied to the TFT substrate. Depending on the electric field, either the black, white, or red/yellow particle is brought to the surface of the capsule in order to display the desired information. 

ePaper is often commonly referred to as electronic paper and operates according to the principle of electrophoresis. This describes the flow of charged, microscopically small particles through an electric field. ePaper displays are a bistable technology which means that power is only required for content changes. The displayed content, once generated, remains visible even without energy input. 
This makes ePaper displays especially ideal for battery-operated applications or when little electrical energy is available. Even if images must be displayed for a long time or remain unchanged, ePaper solutions are the answer: such as for electronic price tags (ESL/electronic shelf label), info paper in retail spaces (car/furniture dealerships), menus in restaurants, or status displays in smart homes. ePaper is perfectly readable from all angles under sufficient ambient lighting conditions due to its reflective display technology. The working temperature range is currently 0 °C to 50 °C, however an increase is already in development. Thanks to its smart design ePapers are very easy to integrate. Device and software developers can easily control the ePaper display via a serial interface
If required, DATA MODUL also offers additive components for extensive ePaper selection, such as PCAP or front light as an extended total solution as well as competent technical advice for all questions around the topic.



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