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Eight colors for more opportunities

JDI adds color to MIP technology

Munich, 02/06/2016

Munich-based display and embedded specialist DATA MODUL expands its extensive product portfolio with a product the market has long been waiting for: memory-in-pixel (MIP) panels are now available in color.
This should allow a further broadening of application ranges of the existing monochrome MIP technology introduced by Sharp in 2009.

MIP in LC displays significantly reduce power consumption because each pixel has its own built-in memory circuit, thus providing for a simple rewriting of the pixels where the content composition has changed.
Distinct picture content and/or text with extended retention time, as weil as simplified, complex structures can be displayed in an energy-efficient manner over a long period of time. This is perfectly suited to all point of sale or point of interest environments.

This JDI color evolution has lead the way, inspiring further application ideas in new, modern and innovative directions. Ms. llse Cramer, Product Manager DATA MODUL: "We think that this innovation is a dream come true. This provides a surplus of display options for our industrial clients. Keyword: Mobile medical applications, trendy accessories, wearables, but also the classic POi and POS range will become more colorful. We have really been looking forward to this for a long time. The sophisticated technology is convincing with an energy consumption of only around 0.5% to transmissive TFTs of a comparable size."

The color panels come in sizes 1.28", 1.34" (round display), 2.8" and 4.4" and are available through DATA MODUL. In addition to point of sale applications, another technology high light will be introduced in the second half of the year. DATA MODUL will also offer JDI MIP technology in new dimensions: the 32" MIP display with Full HD resolution and power consumption of only 260 MW (still image) will be available.


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