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European Debut at electronica 2016

5" Ortustech Blanview Display with Automotive Specification

DATA MODUL, leading supplier of professional display solutions, will showcase the first 5" Ortustech new Blanview model (COM50H5M98ULC) with automotive specification at electronica 2016.

The company first began development of Blanview technology in 2007 to further refine the penetrable and reflective characteristics of LCD displays.

The 5" Ortustech displays will introduce the newest generation of "Blanview 2" to Europe for the first time.

An essential feature of Blanview technology is the excellent readability in any environment – even outdoors and in sunlight. Blanview displays get good marks even with reduced backlighting where, thanks to vertical alignment technology, readability at an 80° viewing angle (u/d/l/r) still allows for high contrast and minimal shift in color purity. They offer the highest color quality with an excellent degree of whiteness. The TFT panels are extremely durable and consume 40% less power compared to transmissive TFTs.

Less power consumption generally means smaller rechargeable batteries and/or batteries – resulting in minimized heat build-up and are "space-saving." This leaves room for new application possibilities and additional functions. You also save on material, packaging and logistic costs. The temperature ranges from -30°C to +85°C.

These characteristics make this tiny COM50H5M98XLC a big player in the most diversified areas – above all the automotive, medical and mobile communication industries and also outdoors.

Power consumption comparison Ortustech transmissive TFT vs. Blanview Ortus:
COM35T3N91XLC (transmissive)
Ptyp = 3.3V x 6.8mA + 13mA x 16.5V = 240mW

COM35H3P17ULC (Blanview)
Ptyp = 12.0mA x 3.3V + 6.5mA x 16V = 140mW

Clients receive an introduction of the COM50H5M98XLC upon request, however the panel will receive the first official presentation at electronica in November.

DATA MODUL will showcase different variants and possible applications of the new Blanview displays at the exhibition. DATA MODUL at electronica in Munich 08. -11/11 in hall A3/ booth 207


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