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PCAP Solutions with Force Touch

Munich, 10/07/2016

PCAP touch technology has made its mark on industry and is being used more frequently.
New concepts are continuously being created based on existing projected capacitive technology while advancing this technology at the same time. PCAP touches with 3D and force touch is one of these advancements.

At electronica 2016, DATA MODUL will introduce a prototype of the first solution approach where an existing PCAP system will be expanded using this technology. The force touch solution is targeted at detecting a change in the z-axis by means of additional pressure sensors. Additional menu levels and control options are created on the interface because interaction takes place in relation to the pressure strength on the touch surface. For example, initiating a standard right mouse click can be achieved by increasing the pressure point.

Signal evaluation takes place redundantly via touch controller and force sensors, triggering the device function only after both signals are received. This type of dual channel, redundant touch detection is especially beneficial in the medical industry where it can be used in sophisticated near patient applications in intensive and emergency care.

An existing package consisting of TFT, touch, cover glass with optical bonding can remain almost unchanged and can be used as a starting point for a force touch advancement. This advancement is cumulative and all the existing advantages of PCAP technology remain unchanged. 

Showcasing at electronica hall A3/booth 207


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