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Grayhill reinvents the wheel


As one of the exclusive distributors of Grayhill products, DATA MODUL has been offering the world’s biggest selection of joysticks, optical encoders and vehicle interfaces of the long-established Chicago-based US company since 1976. With the intuitive T2 Multi-Touch Control Wheel (MTCW), the DATA MODUL portfolio now includes a new additive touch technology which has been specially developed for applications in which it is expressly desired that there be no touching of the screen. What appears anachronistic in these days of PCAP and multi-touch devices is actually a well thought out and safety-relevant HMI solution, conceivable for medical applications e.g. in ultrasound devices, in control units in intensive care, in clean room situations in general but also in gaming and industry.

The T2 MTCW is a remote control unit that directly receives all desired possibilities of touch control, intuitively and simply, and transmits them without time delay. The input medium thus prevents screen displays being obscured by soiling with liquids or dirt due to operation by touch.

The T2 MTCW can be used in any application in which instinctive and intuitive finger movements are used, including the now established multi-touch gestures (zooming, turning, wiping). Using the wheel, the user can initiate a multitude of commands. Menu search, selection, navigation, image manipulation and many other commands are carried out by a single human interface device (HID). The T2 can be integrated into OEM devices via a USB port.
A sample complete solution, consisting of USB cable and software kit is available now from DATA MODUL together with corresponding integration support.

Grayhill Multi-Touch Control Wheel - pic 1 Grayhill Multi-Touch Control Wheel - pic 2


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