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19“ TFT industrial display from AUO


DATA MODUL extends the 19” display range to include the G190EG02 V104 from AU Optronics. The TFT display is a logical response of the biggest industrial LCD manufacturer and offers an outstanding price/performance ratio with first class industrial quality.

Oguz Goekce, Product Marketing Manager AUO: “Our display portfolio includes all of the leading manufacturers and all available sizes. TFTs almost never have the same performance features. We are thus able to ensure that we always find the most appropriate solution for our customers, even on points of detail.”

With the MVA technology, developed in-house, the new addition from AUO offers significantly quicker reaction times. An 89° (typ.) viewing angle from all directions with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 allows for very good readability and the extended operating temperature range of -15 to +70 allows for use both in semi-outdoor and in challenging indoor environments. The minimum lifetime (mean time to half brightness) of the backlight is approx. 50,000 hours.

DATA MODUL also uses the 19” panel for further processing: industrial customers have the option of equipping the TFT with DATA MODUL’s own film/film easyTOUCH (5:4) sensor, based on the Atmel mXt2952T2 controller.

The Munich-based visual solutions specialist offers a 3 mm thermally tempered glass which can be printed with a black surround and is also available as anti-glare touch as the standard glass.
A suitable controller board in the DMO eMotion range ST1:3 is available for control. A new assembly line in Weikersheim makes a quick conversion possible, and series production has therefore already begun. Samples now available.


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