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5" Blanview TFT for mobile applications


The ORTUSTECH Blanview TFT range continues to grow and, with the COM50H5N03ULC gains another 5“ TFT display which is particularly compact, thin and light – perfect for mobile application. Like the other Blanview panels from the Japanese manufacturer ORTUSTECH with diagonals of 4.3” and 4.8”, and the 5.0” with automotive specification first presented at electronica 2016, the new 5” TFT is particularly readable in sunlight thanks to the Blanview 2 technology: even in direct sunlight, the TFT can be read from all viewing directions, making it ideal for all outdoor applications. The HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels delivers sharp images, bright colors and high contrast values.

 The panel is designed in portrait position and for power-saving use with a backlight output of 10 mA x 22.8 V = 228 mW. This makes it particularly interesting for portable, mobile applications and for all battery-operated applications. The temperature range stretches from -20 °C to +70 °C and ORTUSTECH also guarantees long-term availability over 5 years. Data Modul assembles optional PCAP touch sensors with the COM50H5N03ULC and provides exclusive support for project customers with an evaluation kit for display control. Serial and sample are likewise available now from DATA MODUL.

About Blanview

The main feature of the Blanview 2 technology is readability in critical environmental situations, in particular outdoors in direct sunlight. Displays with this technology achieve the best values through an 80° viewing angle (u/d/l/r) even with reduced backlight.  VA technology, high contrast values and low color value shifting offer color quality with excellent whiteness.
In comparison with transmissive TFT, the energy consumption for the TFT panels is reduced by approx. 40%, meaning smaller rechargeable or disposable batteries and thus less generation of heat, as well as “space savings”. This provides new opportunities for applications overall and space for additional functions. Cost-savings can also be made on materials, packaging and logistics into the bargain.


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