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KOE - Zero Bright Dot Defect


Pixel defects are an undesirable phenomenon on TFT displays and are generally a manufacturing defect. The defect itself can be assigned to one of two categories: either bright red, green or blue subpixels or white dots in case of a defective pixel, or a dark, i.e. black, dot. Although they are often not visible to the naked eye, even minimal subpixel defects in an LCD display disturb the user significantly, similar to a light reflection. It is particularly unpleasant when the pixel defects are located in the central part of the visible display area and are easily noticed.

In applications in which outstanding optical performance is essential and is relevant for safety, these defects are not acceptable. The display manufacturer KOE (Kaohsiung Opto-Electronics) – a subsidiary of Japan Display Inc. (JDI) - has now developed a special zero bright dot strategy, and improved and adjusted the cosmetic specifications of its Rugged+ LCD display range (from 3.5” to 12.3”) accordingly.

Through the use of IPS technology, the degree to which the contrast is dependent on the viewing angle is reduced and a viewing angle of up to 170° in all directions (left/right, up/down) is achieved. Using the IPS technology, outstanding color saturation with excellent black values is also guaranteed.

The optically improved Rugged+ displays are specially designed for use in high reliability industrial, medical, marine, automotive and aerospace applications and are designed for high mechanical strength with an extended temperature range. The Munich-based visual solutions specialist DATA MODUL is now offering control kits with their own eMotion LCD controller boards.


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