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New 21.5” TFT display from AUO sheds more light


DATA MODUL is now able to offer the latest TFT display from the company AU Optronics: The P215HAN02.0, a 21.5” TFT-LCD panel with Full HD resolution for portrait or landscape applications. Equipped with AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) technology developed by AUO, which provides greater permeability for higher resolutions and a better picture quality for off-axis viewing angles, the panel achieves a high contrast and excellent picture quality. Using molecules arranged parallel to the display surface, readability is improved from all sides and angles.

No color shifting occurs. A typical luminance of 1,500cd/m2 from the factory guarantees the highest level of quality, thus enabling the device to be used indoors in bright surroundings, as well as outdoors (e.g. for ticket machines). Unlike products in which untreated panels are equipped with uncertified backlighting systems, it can be fully guaranteed that this 21.5-inch AUO TFT panel will have a “lifetime”, or Mean Time To Half Brightness (MTTH) of the LED backlighting, of min. 50,000 hours.

DATA MODUL is now offering prototypes of the P215HAN02.0, together with the St1:3 controller, an LCD controller board from the eMotion range developed in-house. In addition, it is still possible to assemble the product with DATA MODUL SITO touch sensors using a tape bonding method.


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