New LCD series with professional grade Full Array Local Dimming technology

DATA MODUL announces the launch of its new LCD display series featuring an innovative full-area local dimming (FALD) backlighting solution.

What is the FALD technology?

The FALD backlight is a dense arrangement of LED zones, each of which can be illuminated directly by the LED unit behind it. In coordination with the image signal, this allows individual dynamic image contents to be optimally controlled.

First available display: 7" WUXGA

The first available display from this series is the 7" WUXGA display with 360 zones, a wide color space of 105% DCI-P3, a high contrast of 10,000,000:1, a typical brightness of 1800 nits and a 10-finger in-cell touch on board.

Expansion of the portfolio planned

In the medium term, DATA MODUL plans to extend the range of displays with FALD technology, from the 7” WUXGA displays now available to the 10.1” FHD, along with 13.3", 17.3" and 24" UHD sizes. All displays will be available in combination with a suitable HDMI (or DP input) control card for signal and backlight control.

“DATA MODUL has been able to take a new approach in controlling the LED backlight of an LCD display to achieve an OLED level display that is compelling for all industries. The result is our new LCD series with FALD technology. Compared to standard LCD displays, deeper black tones and better black level uniformity can be achieved”, explains Claus Vogt, Head of Product Management - Display Division bei der DATA MODUL.

Advantages of the FALD technology

The advantages of DATA MODUL's professional grade FALD technology compared to conventional backlighting technology are OLED-level contrast and color, superior image quality and true sunlight readability. Beyond that, the power consumption is significantly lower compared to similarly bright displays. This makes the new series ideal for the automotive industry, medical imaging or marine and military applications.

All Highlights at a glance

  • 7” WUXGA 1920 x 1200
  • FALD technology with 360 controllable zones
  • Wide color gamut 105% DCI-P3
  • Dynamic Contrast 10,000,000:1
  • 1500 nits peak brightness
  • 10 finger In-cell touch
  • MIPI Interface
  • Matching HDMI to MIPI controller board with FALD backlight control available
  • the complete series will include 7", 13.3", 17.3" and 24
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