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New digital signage concept for Eastern Europe


After an extremely successful implementation of the modern digital signage concept in over 500 German branches, Kaufland continues to rely on the cooperation with the Visual Solutions Specialist DATA MODUL also for the modification of its European branches.

The majority of Kaufland stores in Europe will successively be equipped with digital signage solutions from Munich-based DATA MODUL AG. The rollout has already started and will be carried out in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. All screens and monitors used there, will be equipped with TFT displays from the DATA MODUL portfolio in the diagonals 49", 55" to 65".

In all areas, from the entrance and fresh food counters to the cash registers these displays provide information, suitable advertising, and other interesting content. So, the displays ideally accompany the customer journey while shopping in the store. The associated content management system makes it easy to install content in any branches. Thus, also regional characteristics and daily updated promotions can also be considered.

"DATA MODUL provided us best council in this very important digital signage project. We have benefited from DATA MODULs experts for professional signage applications. New ideas and wishes were always welcomed, innovatively and purposefully solved and implemented. Very soon we realized that we will continue the project internationally with DATA MODUL", says Lydia Jesser, Sales Manager Kaufland International.


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