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Touch displays that meet industrial needs


DATA MODUL, the European market leader for industrial visual solutions, is accommodating an increasingly differentiated industrial clientele with individual needs and, as a technology leader in the field of optical bonding with its display refinement brand easyTOUCH, has developed a tiered system to meet highly specific needs.

In order to satisfy the huge demand for panel PC solutions and system adaptations in industrial, professional applications, and to deliver on the wish for design-meets-function even in professional devices in all segments, the system supplier DATA MODUL has now complemented its core brand easyTOUCH – PCAP development – with its new easyTOUCH DISPLAY.

While easyTOUCH generally comprises a package of customized cover glass, a bonded, projecting capacitive touch screen and an adapted touch controller for panels up to 32”, easyTOUCH DISPLAY includes standardized and customized touch solutions with an assembled industrial TFT display in the three level categories Entry, Advanced and Professional.

The price-sensitive and compact Entry Level solutions consist of a DATA MODUL easyTOUCH Chip-on-Flex OGS (One Glass Solution) touch sensor with 0.7 mm glass substrate and an industrial TFT display (3.5“, 4.3“, 5.0“, 7.0“ diagonal sizes). The displays all come from the same family concept with the same interface and connector. The Focaltech (7-series) touch controller with an I²C bus interface is suitable for all PCAP standard applications with up to 5-finger operation, where the operation settings can be adapted to a limited extent.

The Advanced Level touch displays have been specially developed for applications with typical industrial requirements, such as ruggedness, extended temperature range and longer availability. A standardized all-in-one unit comes equipped with an easyTOUCH sensor (single-side ITO) and industrial display (7.0“, 10.1“, 12.1“, 15.6“, 18.5“, 21.5“) of selected manufacturer (AUO/INNOLUX/SHARP) with always the same interface (LVDS). 
Also included are wet-hand and glove operability, up to 10-finger multi-touch, USB interface, driverless firmware – Plug & Play Windows and Linux ready, and a support tool for custom settings and technical support. That makes the touch displays equally suitable for high-end applications with customer-specific adaptations. Both Entry Level and Advanced Level solutions are available without MOQ.

Professional Level is fully aimed at the customer's individual requirements and specific application. From display to assembly, the industrial customer decides on everything he wants from the product and service portfolio. The display of choice is assembled with a touch unit by Airgap or Full LOCA Bonding, and the cover glass is adhered onto the touch screen over the full surface area (LOCA/OCA). The easyTOUCH sensor is primarily offered with SITO technology. Film/Film and other sensor technologies such as One Glass Solutions (OGS) or Glass/Glass are also possible. Controllers with USB, I²C or Chip-on-Flex by Microchip, Focaltech or ILITEK IC and Co., multiple types of cover glass with application-dependent printing, edges, shapes, thicknesses, impact resistance or surface finishes, and various cuts & grooves are part of the offer. 

Customer requirements are highly individual and demanding, especially when it comes to touch displays. With this multi-level easyTOUCH offer, DATA MODUL elegantly bridges the divide between price-sensitive applications on the one hand and highly specialized, sometimes certification-dependent applications of an industrial clientele on the other. Available now from DATA MODUL.

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