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Wearable Display Solutions

Munich, 06/11/2015

With an expertise of more than 30 years in developing custom displays, DATA MODUL is the perfect partner for tailor-made display solutions.

There are major challenges to face when it comes to products in wearable and handheld applications. A perfectly-fitted custom display can be a proper solution.

Special shapes, sizes, resolutions or colors are possible. Therefore, rectangular, polygonal or round shapes can be created and assure a unique aesthetic in every application.


Extreme conditions, like sunlight readability or wide temperature range, have to be considered very carefully in handheld applications. Due to DATA MODUL’s broad experience in thermal management of custom LCDs, almost every component of a display can be analyzed in terms of its thermal load capacity to achieve an extended temperature range.

By using special filters, the right illumination and optimized design DATA MODUL can realize displays for operation in direct sunlight.

Especially, low power and energy saving are key properties of the designs. With the help of the proper display technology and state of the art semiconductors, ultra-low power displays are available. Utilizing the newest LEDs, filters and highly efficient backlight systems, DATA MODUL can provide innovative energy saving custom solutions.

From the idea to the product - possible only with fully customized displays designed by DATA MODUL.


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