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Full bonding and its numerous advantages

The demand for displays with full bonded touch/glass units (full/direct bonding) is constantly increasing. Despite many advantages, they are still used comparatively rarely in the industrial sector.

Displays bonded in a full bonding process are characterized by excellent optical performance, which is relevant for a wide range of applications in a variety of demanding areas. In addition to the classic use for industrial HMIs, full-bonded touch displays offer interference-free and low-reflection reproduction and operation, especially in outdoor areas with strong sunlight. The lifetime of the TFT can also be extended, since full-bonded units do not necessarily have to be operated with the full backlight illumination. This not only saves energy, but also extends the backlight lifetime many times over.

As one of the largest optical bonding providers in the industrial sector, we offer all bonding processes in-house. For more information about our bonding processes, please visit www.data-modul.com/en/touch/optical-bonding.html

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