5.5" PMOLED from WiseChip now with 100nits brightness

A new version of the monochrome 5.5" PMOLED from WiseChip is available. The manufacturer now uses a special organic material for production. Thanks to the use of so-called TADF emitters (thermally activated delayed fluorescence), the luminosity can be significantly increased from 60nits to 100nits. The optimised 5.5" PMOLED monochrome yellow (UG-5664ASYKF01) is the second PMOLED from WiseChip to be made out of the new material, along with a smaller version in the 2.7" size (UG-2864ASYUG14).

Due to its self-luminous features, an OLED display with a passive matrix can do without a backlight. The low installation depth makes it particularly interesting for flat product designs. Classic areas of application are, for example, card readers in industry or blood pressure monitors in medical technology. Thanks to the increased brightness values of the two WiseChip products, new application possibilities are opening up, for example in the field of VR or e-mobility

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