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Resistive Touch Panels at DATA MODUL

In modern industrial touch applications, Projective Capacitive (PCAP) largely dominates as a touch extension to displays, while resistive touch panels (RTP) are used less frequently in new projects. Nevertheless, RTPs have become indispensable in many application areas.

An analog resistive touch reacts to pressure, which connects two electrically conductive layers point by point. Thus, the point of contact can be precisely localized by e.g. the human finger or input pen. RTPs are effortlessly connected mechanically by means of double-sided industrial adhesive tape through which sensors are taped to a display (air bonding). On the customer side, the RTP scores with easy integration, both into the customer's housing and the electrical connection to the HOST system.

For more than 20 years, we have been using the resistive touch panels of our partners DMC and Higgstec, which are not only long-term available, but are also particularly suitable for use in EMC-heavy or environments with high dirt density. In addition, resistive touch panels can be easily operated at any time, even with thick gloves.

Convince yourself of the advantages of our RTP touch solutions - find more information at www.data-modul.com/en/touch/resistive.html

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