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We have prepared some new, exciting product highlights for you. Find out more about our solutions and competencies from the world of display, touch and embedded technologies.

Transparent displays

In times of IOT and smart technologies, unique product designs for modern applications are more than ever in demand. Transparent displays open up new, unimagined possibilities to implement high-quality and exciting display solutions. Our transparent displays portfolio has a large number of technologies and features that enable you to implement attention-grabbing applications. From smart home to POS applications, there are almost no limits to the possibilities.

Display solutions for outdoor applications

Outdoor devices are very often exposed to rough and sometimes even extreme environmental conditions. Direct sunlight, wide temperature ranges and also vandalism are only some of them. A reliable and robust display solution at an affordable price requires expertise and a strong focus on quality aspects. We offer display solutions for such applications consisting of a huge variety of suitable TFTs with multiple value-added and tailormade options.

Modular product concept to create demanding system solutions

For many years we have been designing, developing and manufacturing customer-specific monitor and panel PC solutions for a wide range of market-specific applications based on a modular product concept.
This makes us the ideal partner for even complex and challenging product designs.

High resolution displays

In many modern applications high resolutions, bright colours and high contrasts are mandatory. Our portfolio offers a large number of different options to meet your requirements for high-resolution display solutions. In addition, we offer full customer support: from product advice to system integration and regardless of the level of complexity and the field of application.

Large sized displays

Large sized displays are an essential part of our daily life. We not only offer a broad variety of available components - but also full customer support and services. Including application/integration support, suitable driving or embedded interface boards, system integration for open frame or exisiting products and optional touch integration for tape, gel or full bonding! Take the chance and discover our possbilities to meet your requirements for large sized display applications!

Easy start made by DATA MODUL

With the huge variety of different TFTs, touch technologies, cover lenses and embedded solutions, it has become more and more challenging to chose the right components for every individual need. We offer off-the-shelf products and starter kits for an easy entry into the world of display and embedded solutions. Bringing a display/touch solution with driving embedded modules to life has never been so easy.

Visual solution customizing

Our extensive know-how in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, together with components from the distribution portfolio as well as our in-house developed products, enables us to respond in the best possible way to customer needs, ensuring long-term availability and significantly shorter time-to-market. Consulting, development and support as well as the latest manufacturing technologies are available to our customers for individual system solutions. 

Hygienic operating methods

Operating an HMI becomes a particularly important role especially in the medical field. Projective capacitve touch (PCAP) is hereby the most common technology used for interaction. In this specific field of medical environments, a hygienic and sterile environment is essential. In order to provide safe and error-free operation, we adress these challenges with a special portfolio and provide solutions on these specific requirements including ISO 13485 certification.

Display special formats & solutions

Exciting designs are now almost a classic requirement for creating products with high recognition value. But not only the effect of attracting attention can be increased by an appropriate look, an appealing design also contributes directly to the value of the respective product. From curved over flexible to stretched - we offer an extensive portfolio with a variety of shapes, sizes and technologies to accommodate design requirements for modern applications.

Low Power / Energy Saver

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of energy-saving displays from renowned manufacturers. Besides the main advantage of ultra-low power consumption, there comes a wide range of special features for each technology.

Automotive Display solutions

From automotive to transportation to agricultural industry - displays are the central interfaces for the visual human-machine communication in any automotive related industry. The requirements on modern operating units and methods are particularly high in the automotive sector.

Touch solutions for use under the influence of liquids

LCD display with innovative FALD backlighting technology

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