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Easy start made by DATA MODUL

With the huge variety of different TFTs, touch technologies, cover lenses and embedded solutions, it has become more and more challenging to chose the right components for every individual need. We offer off-the-shelf products and starter kits for an easy entry into the world of display and embedded solutions. Bringing a display/touch solution with driving embedded modules to life has never been so easy.

"easy to start" products

  • easyTOUCH Starter Kit consisting of 13.3” touch display, eMotion board and all cables
  • easyTOUCH Display: 3.5” up to 21.5” PCAP touch displays
  • Open frame monitor and panel PC
  • Huge TFT variety with suitable scaler cards and cables
  • Seamless Starter Kit combinations of various touch and embedded solutions


  • Manual and drivers
  • Simple software adjustment with support and tuning tools
  • easyANALYZER is DATA MODUL's unique PCAP tool for modifications and visualization of touch input


  • One-stop-shop for industrial needs
  • No previous knowledge needed
  • Plug & Play
  • Start your project with no tooling cost
  • Adjustments possible at any time with rapid prototyping


Off the shelf products with immediate delivery: Evaluate various touch, display and embedded technologies in order to find the right product for your device.

The easyTouch starter kits

These kits provide you all the necessary components to bring our touch-display solution to full operation. The components can be assembled together in just a few steps! The perfect combination of our in-house developed easyTOUCH Display and eMotion board enables you to evaluate our PCAP and display performance. Available in two different sizes: 5“ and 13.3“!

All information about our starter kits

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Further product highlights

Visual solution customizing

Consulting, development and support as well as the latest manufacturing technologies are available to our customers for individual system solutions. 


Experience our expertise

Hygienic operating methods

In order to provide safe and error-free operation, we adress these challenges with a special portfolio and provide solutions on these specific requirements including ISO 13485 certification.


Learn more about hygienic operating methods

Display special formats & solutions

From curved over flexible to stretched - we offer an extensive portfolio with a variety of shapes, sizes and technologies to accommodate design requirements for modern applications.


Learn more about our solutions

Low power / Energy saver

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of energy-saving displays from renowned manufacturers. Besides the main advantage of ultra-low power consumption, there comes a wide range of special features for each technology.


Discover our portfolio


Automotive display solutions

From automotive to transportation to agricultural industry - displays are the central interfaces for the visual human-machine communication in any automotive related industry. The requirements on modern operating units and methods are particularly high in the automotive sector.


Discover our custom solutions

Transparent displays

Our transparent displays portfolio has a large number of technologies and features that enable you to implement attention-grabbing applications. From smart home to POS applications, there are almost no limits to the possibilities.


All possibilities of transparent displays

Display solutions for outdoor applications

We offer display solutions for outdoor applications consisting of a huge variety suitable TFTs with multiple value-added and tailormade options.


Discover our outdoor solutions

Modular product concept

For many years we have been designing, developing and manufacturing customer-specific monitor and panel PC solutions for a wide range of market-specific applications based on a modular product concept.


explore our modular concept

High resolution displays

In many modern applications high resolutions, bright colours and hich contrasts are mandatory. Our portfolio offers a large number of different options to meet your requirements for high-resolution display solutions. 


Features of our high resolutions displays

Large sized displays

Large sized displays are an essential part of our daily life. We offer not only a broad variety of available components - but also full customer support and services. Take the chance and discover our possbilities to meet your requirements for large sized display applications!


More about large displays

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