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easyTOUCH Starter Kit

This kit provides you with all the necessary components to bring our touch display solution to full operation. The components can be assembled together in just a few steps using our guide. The perfect combination of our in-house developed 13.3” easyTOUCH Display and eMotion LCD Controller board enables you to evaluate our PCAP and display performance. The unique easyANALYZER software for PCAP tuning and debugging is also included with this kit.

Scope of delivery

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easyTOUCH Display 13.3"

Our easyTOUCH Display consists of 2mm chemically strengthened cover glass, PCAP glass based single-sided ITO (SITO) screen, AUO Full HD display G133HAN01.0 and PCAP USB controller board with mXT2952T2 IC. All components are perfectly adjusted and in-housed bonded.

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eMotion LCD Controller Board

These completely configured LCD controller boards including OSD (On-Screen-Display) are specifically developed for industrial use and are applicable as a plug&play solution to drive the easyTOUCH Display.

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Cables & Accessories

Necessary cables connecting the components are included. This includes LVDS cable, LED cable, OSD cable, USB cable, DVI to HDMI cable and a 12V power supply (US / EU).

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easyANALYZER Software

The easyANALYZER application consists of a debug, analysis, log and setting toolset. It allows you to read/write touch parameters, detect malfunctions and minimize the time spent during initial setup and tuning. The tool is compatible with Windows and Linux.
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