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USA 2021 - Product highlights

We have prepared some new, exciting product highlights for you. Find out more about our solutions and competencies from the world of display, touch and embedded technologies.

Display Solutions

Fald Displays

Introducing professional grade miniLED Full Array Local Dimming backlit displays (FALD) from DATA MODUL. FALD is THE display technology for premium applications such as medical surgery and imaging, broadcast displays, military and automotive where superior contrast, color and power efficiency are paramount. DATA MODUL is one of the pioneers of this technology and offers professional grade FALD solutions in 7in FHD, 13.3in 4K and 27in 4K with many more sizes coming. Professional grade means more dimming zones (often 5-10x what is available from consumer or commercial solutions) for more accurate imaging. You have to see it to believe it!

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KOE 11.6" FHD Rugged+

Meet our new LCD display, TX29D200VM0AAA/AAB, from KOE. Exclusive to DATA MODUL, this LCD features a unique size (11.6”) and optimal usability in outdoor environments, touting sunlight readability (1000 nits) and wide temperature range (-40C to +85C operating).

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Low Power Displays

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of energy-saving displays from renowned manufacturers. Eink (ePaper), Ortustech/Toppan (Blanview), KOE/JDI (MIP technology) and Sharp (IGZO reflective TFT). Besides the main advantage of ultra-low power consumption, there comes a wide range of special features for each technology. And they are all sunlight readable!

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AR/VR displays

Welcome to the 4th dimension of display technology! The AR/VR micro display market is exploding with new leading edge applications and solutions being uncovered every day. Until now the markets have been primarily computer gaming and entertainment but that is all changing. Applications like medical (imaging, robotic surgery, training), military (training, viewfinder), education, industry (repair, remote guidance) and fitness are all benefiting from the unique experience that near eye display solutions bring. DATA MODUL offers an expanding microOLED and fast LCD display portfolio including HD, FHD, 2K and soon 4K!

High-resolution 4K displays

In many modern applications high resolutions, bright colors and high contrasts are mandatory. We offer now industrial grade 4K displays in 13.3" (JDI and AUO, standard temperature range) and 15.6" (-40 to +85 °C, in preparation ), both with long term availability of many years. In addition, we offer full customer support: from product advice to system integration and regardless of the level of complexity and the field of application.

AUO Tartan Displays

Are you looking for LCD displays outside the standard 16:9 or 4:3 shapes? With our Tartan PID product family from AUO, DATA MODUL provides you the new standard for displays in non-standard sizes. By using a unique photomask process, AUO has developed a broad offering of stretched, square and even round shaped display modules. We also feature the lowest entry cost on the market for custom size displays thanks to AUO's Tartan process. This allows DATA MODUL to offer a fully customized TFT with low MOQ at affordable NRE cost.

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Ortustech/Toppan 10.4" sunlight readable Blanview display

Looking for an energy-efficient yet sunlight-readable industrial display? Discover the new 10.4" sunlight-readable blanview TFT from Toppan!
Thanks to its Blanview technology, the display combines excellent readability, even under bright sunlight, with low power consumption and low heat generation. This makes it ideal for numerous applications, such as outdoor applications, mobile terminals or battery-powered devices, and allows for the first time to be effectively implemented in large quantities in the size range over 7".

Technical data

LCD controller family eMotion

Look no further if you need an affordable industrial LCD controller board solution with high quality product design, stability and long term availability. Our well known “eMotion” product line has been in production for over 10 years and can drive displays with resolutions from VGA up to 4k UHD with 10 bit color.

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Touch Solutions

easyTOUCH Displays and touch screens made by DATA MODUL

With the huge variety of different TFTs, touch technologies, cover lenses and embedded solutions, it has become more and more challenging to choose the right components for every individual need. We offer off-the-shelf products and starter kits for an easy entry into the world of display and embedded solutions. Bringing a display/touch solution with driving embedded modules to life has never been so easy.

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Touchless interaction

Touchless interactions with HMI displays in public settings like point-of-sales kiosks, ATM machines or parking meters are more important in this pandemic era than ever. DATA MODUL has quickly reacted to this market need and developed touch-free interactions systems using 1) capacitive field sensing and 2) camera based sensing technologies. 

Capacitive field based technology

  • 3D extension to existing 2D PCAP technology
  • 1 FPC and 1 controller board addressing both 3D-2D detection
  • Minimal cost and effort adder over a PCAP-only module
  • Based on Microchip’s  mXT2912TG + MXG 3141 chip-set
  • Suitable for sizes below 15.6 inch (wide format)

Camera based technology

  • Camera module with integrated LED 
  • SW runs invisibly ion top of existing UIs
  • Camera can be installed below or on top of screen
  • Easy hardware and software installation on an existing HMI system
  • Suitable for sizes up to 29’’ (portrait) and 40’’ (landscape)

Some real world application examples are shown in the following videos:

Touch under the influence of conducting liquids

Implementation of projective capacitive touch screens in display systems used in marine or medical devices can be very challenging. False touch could be easily triggered due to the increased conductivity solvents like saline water or blood.
DATA MODUL has solved this challenge with state of the art PCAP IC selection with latest singal processing algorithms using self and mutual capacitance technologies. More details in the above video.

Haptic Touch

Haptic sensations on a flat touch screen surface can be made to feel like mechanical buttons and sliders introducing a new user experience.  Such a tactile GUI would help distracted users such as drivers and doctors stay focused on critical tasks instead of re-focusing on the screen to trigger an input. A reference haptic development kit has been developed using TDK’s PowerHapTM piezo, DATA MODUL’s PCAP-Display system design and manufacturing capability, Microchip’s controller IC and Immersion patented haptic know-how and Active Sensing technology.
The video highlights the advantages of haptic technology and the different UI designs that it can facilitate. 

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is a vital process to introduce transparent overlays like touch screens and cover lens onto a display surface. Optical bonding layer replaces the air gap that would otherwise exist between these components. It helps maintain display image clarity and transparency by reducing or eliminating internal reflections between these overlays, preventing the need to increase LED brightness. Moreover, it adds ruggedness and durability to the display system making it more impact resistant, and impervious to impurities in the form of dust, dirt and moisture. To encompass different types of bonding requirements needed for different display or touch screen architectures, DATA MODUL offers a wide range of optical bonding technologies. 


LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) bonding:
UV cured liquid adhesives to bond together rigid surfaces of sealed displays, touch screens and cover lens. Suitable particularly for displays with metal frame. 


OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) bonding: 
Dry bonding process that uses an adhesive film to laminate flexible films to rigid cover lens. High pressure and temperature auto clave finish process to remove air bubbles between components. Suitable particularly for bonding flexible component like film based touch screens to rigid surfaces like glass.

Gel bonding

Dry bonding process to bond displays with rigid touch screens and/or cover lens. Vacuum oven process to sandwich adhesive film between the rigid components. High pressure and temperature auto clave finish process to remove air bubbles. Suitable particularly for frameless display or displays with deeper polarizer surface. 

Hybrid bonding

High throughput fully automated bonding process that combines the advantages of LOCA and OCA bonding to bond together rigid and even components like frameless displays, touch screens and cover lens. Processes include slit coating of glue; UV curing of glue and high pressure and temperature auto-clave finish removing vacuum residues. Suitable for high volume projects. 

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