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Interface between human and machine

Reliability, efficiency and intuitive operation are crucial for optimised human-machine interaction. Our many years of experience in the field of industrial display solutions form the basis for the development of customised HMIs that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers.

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Market-specific challenges

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Displays in industrial use must not only fulfil the high requirements and standards of the market, but also combine the highest functionality with an optimal user experience. In addition to impressive visual brilliance, precise input is essential in a wide range of work and environmental scenarios. Our customers attach great importance to reliable operation, even when exposed to liquids. Maximum immunity to interference is a matter of course, as is the ability to seamlessly integrate additional, flexibly customisable features to meet individual system requirements.

Our solutions & products

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Precise operability

We have further developed our Projected Capacitive Touch technology (PCAP) to ensure unrestricted and precise operability of a touch monitor at all times. By continuously optimising our PCAP controller settings, we have been able to improve the response behaviour to such an extent that the touch performance is equivalent to normal finger operation, even when using gloves.

Industrial HMI liquids

Optimum operability under the influence of liquids

Conductive liquids can negatively affect the operability and functionality of a touch display and cause false triggering (ghost touches). Modern setting tools and touch controllers of the latest generation can clearly differentiate between liquids and users using various measurement methods (self- and mutual scan).

Industrial HMI

Industry-certified interference immunity

Our touch products have undergone a qualification test in accordance with DIN EN61000-4-6, which confirms their immunity to conducted interference. These products impress with maximum interference levels of 10V/m and fulfil evaluation criterion A, which means that their function is not impaired during and after the test. This successful test enables us to classify them as "suitable for industrial use".

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Flexible extensions

On request, we can integrate a wide range of functions such as RFID readers, barcode scanners, cameras and various sensor technologies into your system. In the area of touch extensions, for example, we offer alternative input methods that go beyond classic finger operation, including face recognition technologies or gesture control. Thanks to our extensive range of additional features that can be integrated, we can optimally adapt to various industrial requirements and guarantee maximum efficiency and functionality in any environment.

industrial integration

Easy integration

Thanks to our modular product concept, we go beyond the isolated consideration of individual components. Instead, we focus on combining all parts into a single unit. This holistic integration enables us to create modern human-machine interface (HMI) systems that ensure seamless interaction between the various components.

Your advantages at a glance

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High-quality products & reliable service

  • Robust components
  • Vibration resistance
  • Protection class up to IP65
  • Resistance & IK-tested
  • Extended temperature ranges
  • Long-term availability & obsolescence management
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Reliable operation

  • PCAP sensors with the latest generation of touch controllers
  • Tuning of touch settings for operation with gloves, multi-touch, palm suppression, etc.
  • Resistive touch sensors with decorative foil
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Numerous additional features

  • Touch function (multi-touch), knob-on displays & optical encoders
  • RFID/NFC/Bluetooth/WLAN
  • Proximity sensors
  • Ambient light control
  • Inductive charging
  • Barcode scanner

Possible applications

industrial automation

Industrial automation

industrial hmi machine control

Machine control

industrial hmi robotics


Customising options

We understand that every customer has unique needs. That's why we carefully analyse the specific requirements of your product and develop it in close cooperation with you based on our modular product concept. In doing so, we draw on our comprehensive range of hardware, software and services to realise customised complete solutions.

OEM Solutions

We provide our customers with advice, development and support as well as the latest manufacturing technologies. With our services, ISO-certified processes and expert knowledge, we ensure efficient and smooth product launches throughout the entire life cycle.

More about our customising competences

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