LED Display Solutions

The use of LEDs as display technology is becoming increasingly important, especially for large-area and frameless display systems. Thanks to their impressive brightness, extremely high contrast values and reduced power consumption, LEDs are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications and enable outstanding optical performance.

led wall in an office building

Technology variants

Our LED solutions are equipped with high-quality LEDs that enable a brilliant display of light and colours with exceptional precision. To meet the diverse requirements of our customers in terms of image representation, we offer different variants: 

SMD (Surface Mounted Device)

This technology is ideal for most applications. Thanks to the LEDs applied directly to the PCB surface, SMD LED modules offer reliable performance and ensure a balanced combination of quality and cost. 

COB (Chip on Board)

For the highest demands on colour rendering, brightness and homogeneity, our high-quality COB LED modules are the perfect choice. Due to the higher integration of the LED chips directly on the PCB, an outstanding visual performance is achieved that meets even the most demanding requirements. 

GOB (Glue on Board)

With the "GOB" (Glue on Board) process, the surface of the LED wall is covered with a transparent protective layer. This innovative technology not only ensures reliable protection of the LEDs against damage, but also facilitates cleaning to maintain long-term and constant performance. 

Pixel Pitch

An important factor in the design of an LED wall is the so-called pixel pitch, which describes the distance between the individual pixels. This distance is chosen according to the subsequent viewing distance. As a rule of thumb, the optimum viewing distance in metres corresponds to the pixel pitch multiplied by a factor of 3 in millimetres. Careful adjustment of the pixel pitch ensures optimal image quality and readability, regardless of the viewing position. 

Our solutions & products

We offer an extensive range of LED solutions for indoor and outdoor use. 

led for indoor applications

Indoor use 

Our LED solutions are the optimal choice for indoor use and offer versatile application possibilities. Whether you want to realise dynamic advertising displays, informative signage or impressive visual stagings - we offer you the right product! With a performance range that accurately displays the finest details, we guarantee outstanding image quality, regardless of the size or complexity of your project. Whether you need solutions with a pixel pitch below 1 mm or a larger option with pixel pitches above 10 mm, our LED modules deliver excellent visual performance that will exceed your expectations. 

led for outdoor applications

Outdoor use

Specially designed for outdoor use, our LED modules feature outstanding durability, weather resistance and effective IP protection against dust and liquids. With this reliable protection your LED displays will function perfectly under various weather conditions. Thanks to a wide range of pixel pitches from about 6 mm to 20 mm, our LED modules ensure optimal visibility and legibility of your content, even from a greater distance. Whether in bright daylight or in the darkness of night - your content will be perfectly presented. 


led module front view

LED module (front view)

led modul back side

LED module (rear view)

led flex modules

Flexible indoor LED modules

led flex curved

Flexible indoor LED module

led outdoor front cabinet

LED cabinet (front view)

led outdoor back cabinet

LED cabinet (rear view)

led outdoor plus front cabinet

LED cabinet (front view)

outdoor plus led back cabinet

LED cabinet (rear view)

led outdoor plus components

Components of LED wall

Your advantages at a glance:

SVG Image

Excellent readability

  • Perfect colour representation
  • High contrast, brightness & resolutions
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Pixel pitches from < 1 mm to 20 mm
SVG Image
icon service

High quality products & reliable service

  • Robust components 
  • Protection class up to IP67 & IK-tested 
  • Long-term availability & obsolescence management 

Possible applications

indoor led for retail

Retail/Shopping Mall

led wall at a conference

Events, conferences & meeting rooms

scoreboard with led modules


monitor solutions for the gaming industry

Gaming applications

Customising options

flexible led modules

Our LED walls are created by assembling individual LED modules into LED cabinets, which form the basic building blocks for a complete LED wall. Thanks to the high flexibility of our LED walls, we can implement almost any desired shape and size, entirely according to your individual requirements. We offer both fixed/rigid LED modules for the configuration of "conventional" LED walls and flexible LED modules for more creative solutions. With the flexible modules, we have the possibility to realise impressive shapes such as waves, cylinders and other convex or concave designs - we are your reliable partner to realise your vision. 

More about our customising services

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