R&D Services

From development and design to certification support: based on current market trends and the latest technologies, our specialists and engineers develop individual and tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Electronics Design 

The Hardware Development team has expertise in general electronics design, particularly in embedded computing, PCAP touch screens and controllers, and Chip-on-Flex PCBs for touch applications. Our electronics developers and layout engineers are skilled in creating complex embedded systems. 

Embedded Computing Design
  • Component Selection: In addition to high quality and reliable components, we also consider financial aspects and supply chain factors to ensure the best possible cost efficiency and a smooth production process.  
  • Schematic Design & PCB Layout: The basis of our hardware development is the design of circuit diagrams and the PCB layout. In combination with the right component selection, we ensure an optimal balance between design and cost.  
  • Robust Design: We build design reserves into our circuits to ensure robustness even under challenging environmental conditions. 


Mechanical Engineering 

Our design team specialises in the development of mechanical components and complete systems for customer-specific display and operating units. Our core competences include:

technologies and materials
mechanical engineering
  • Display and touch integration into complex systems: We ensure seamless integration of displays and touch functions into complex overall systems.
  • Production-orientated CAD design: Our designs enable efficient and cost-effective production.
  • Cost-optimised design: We offer cost-efficient solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Design for confined installation spaces: Our expertise includes the development of components and systems that function optimally even in confined installation spaces.
  • Design for harsh environmental conditions: We develop robust designs that work reliably under demanding conditions.
  • Passive and active cooling of displays and electronics: Our designs ensure optimum performance and longevity through effective cooling solutions.
  • Sealing solutions for all common sealing requirements (IP20 - IP69): We offer customised sealing concepts for various requirements to protect devices from ingress of dust, water and other influences.
  • Design for optimised user experience: Our designs guarantee an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Integration of lighting elements: We improve functionality and design by integrating light elements and lighting effects.

We are proficient in a wide range of production technologies and select the optimum process for each product and project. These include:

  • Sheet metal processing
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Metal die casting
  • Extrusion moulding process
  • Machining production
  • Welding processes
  • Rapid prototyping

Process Development Services 

Our process engineers own a high level of expertise in material science, enabling us to: 

process engineering
  • Definition of suitable processes & materials: We identify optimal processes and materials for our structural, adhesive and optical bonding technologies according to the project requirements.  
  • Specialized in structural bonding: Thanks to advanced structural bonding technologies, we guarantee the durability and reliability of our display systems and HMIs. 
  • Development of automated manufacturing processes: Automated manufacturing processes and professional production equipment are always used in our daily doing.  
  • Continuous innovation: We continuously refine our core competencies in adhesive technology and optical bonding to meet new design and market requirements.  
  • Customize for client needs: Upon customer request, we customize our versatile standard manufacturing processes.

Software Services 

Our Software Development Services are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our markets. Our software expertise includes: 

software operating systems data modul
  • Operating Systems Development 
    Embedded Linux (BSP) - Real-time Operating Systems - Firmware and Bare Metal Programming
  • Application Software 
    Customized Application Development - UI/UX Design Collaboration - Continuous Development and Testing
  • Cyber Security 
    Linux Yocto BSP Maintenance - Embedded System Hardening
  • Cloud Services 
    Cloud SDK Integration
  • AI/ML Solutions 
    Machine Vision Systems

Detailed information on our software development services


System Engineering Services

Our system development department plays an important role in the realization of innovative display solutions and HMIs. Our system development process includes:

System Engineering at DATA MODUL
  • Customised Solutions: We develop your customized HMIs as well as individual standard monitors that meet the specific requirements of our various market segments. 
  • Component evaluation & integration: Careful evaluation and integration of key components such as displays, power supplies and sensors are the basis for optimal performance of the end application.
  • Versatile Display Unit Creation: The development of display units of different sizes and complexity are also part of our core business - from compact HMIs for industrial automation to large-format displays for public signage.

Mock-Up and Prototyping Services

The R&D department is equipped with specialized divisions dedicated to Prototyping and Mock-Ups, ensuring rapid development and tangible visualization of concepts for our clients. 

mock-up services data modul
  • Mock-Up: By creating detailed, feature-reduced models, we participate in your design process and enable a better understanding of the look and feel of the end product. 
  • Prototypes: We specialize in creating functional prototypes, using cutting-edge technologies to turn design concepts into working models. These prototypes are critical to assessing feasibility and successfully moving the product into mass production.

Proof-of-Concept Services

Our services also include a proof-of-concept service, which can be important in the early phases of product development.

service proof of concept data modul
  • Customer Collaboration for Requirement Specification: Our team works closely with clients to dive into the specifics of their application, market, and use case. This collaborative approach ensures that we fully understand and align with our client's vision and objectives. 
  • Development of Concept-Proving Devices: Leveraging our deep knowledge in display systems, HMIs, and embedded solutions, we develop devices that not only prove the concept but also highlight the feasibility and potential of the proposed solution. This process includes integrating aspects from our various R&D departments, including software, hardware, and system engineering, to create a successful and viable product concept. 
  • Market and Application Analysis: Our proof-of-concept process involves thorough market and application analysis, ensuring that the developed concept is not only technically sound but also market-relevant and user-centric. 
services development

Our R&D services, including advanced prototyping, mock-ups, and proof-of-concept development, are designed to bring your ideas to life. With our expertise in various industries and commitment to collaborative development, we ensure that each project is approached with a thorough understanding of market needs and technological possibilities, thereby delivering solutions that are both innovative and practical. 

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